‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Bids Farewell To Seattle After A Major Declaration Of Love

Meredith scrubbed in for the last time at Grey Sloan during the February 23 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.' Find out how she left the show (as a series regular).

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It’s truly the end of an era at Grey Sloan. Meredith brings the kids by the hospital to say their final goodbyes before they leave for Boston. Zola wants to watch one last surgery before she goes.

Before Meredith leaves for the east coast, she’s got to work things out with Nick. Apparently, he’s upset that she never called him back. “I moved here to be with you,” he tells her. For Meredith, this is all so simple. She said “I love you,” and he didn’t say it back. Nick gets upset and storms out of the room.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith. (ABC)

Maggie has an exciting surgery for Zola to watch. It’s a partial heart transplant on a newborn. This surgery has never been done before. Understandably, the parents are worried. They back out of the surgery when their fear takes over. The parents want to wait for a full heart.

Jo tries to convince them to change their minds. The experimental aspect of the surgery is what’s causing the doubt. It’s not until Amelia talks to the parents that they rethink their opinions. She opens up about losing her baby, Christopher. She tells them that if there had been a chance he could have lived, she would have taken the risk to make it happen.

Teddy wonders about the search for the new chief of surgery. She drops hints about wanting the job. Richard mentions there’s no extra pay for the gig, which makes Teddy pause.

Mika goes to see Taryn at the bar after Schmitt mentions how great of a surgeon Taryn was before she quit. After her house van got towed, Mika needs a big win. She asks for Taryn’s help so she can be chosen for Maggie and Winston’s surgery. Taryn’s pointers help Mike get that win she needs.

Tess comes into the hospital, so Meredith and Nick are forced to work together to try and save her. Meanwhile, Maggie and Winston scrub in with Mika on the partial heart transplant surgery. Zola has to tell Blue and Jules to be quiet in the gallery so they can all watch (and learn) from the masters. While Maggie and Winston’s surgery is a success, Meredith and Nick lose Tess on the table.

Once Meredith calls the time of death, it’s now or never for her relationship with Nick. Is this goodbye or the start of a new beginning for them? “I want you to be in my life if you want to be in my life,” Meredith tells Nick. However, she points out that she’s not going to “beg” him to love her. The ball is in his court if he wants to be a part of her life.

Meredith is bummed about losing Tess, which was her last surgery at Grey Sloan. Simone reveals that Tess wrote her last book before she died and put it on a thumb drive. Tess’ last wish was to get it to her publisher — in Boston. She hands it over to Meredith.

Teddy confronts Richard over the chief of surgery situation. She’s offended that he offered her a seat on the board to choose a chief. She wants to be the chief. Richard tells her that if she wants to be chief of surgery, the position is hers for the taking.

Bailey toasts to Meredith at her going away party. An emotional Bailey calls Meredith “one of my greatest points of pride.” Richard tells Meredith that “this place won’t be the same without you.” Meredith says her final goodbyes to her favorite doctors.

Nick tries to drown his sorrows over the Meredith situation at the bar. Taryn sets him straight. Meredith Grey is the Meredith Grey. This prompts Nick to go after Meredith. He tries to catch her before she gets on the plane to Boston. When he knows that he’s not going to make it, Nick calls Meredith. He tells Meredith that he loves her. “I’ve loved you every minute of every day I have known you,” he says.

Ellen Pompeo
Meredith during her goodbye party. (ABC)

Meredith acts like she can’t hear Nick. She says she’ll call him when they get settled in Boston and hangs up on him. Nick is stunned.

Despite the successful and groundbreaking surgery, Winston still wants to change specialties. Maggie thinks he’s making a big mistake, which causes Winston to snap. “You’re cold and I don’t respect it,” Winston says. Later, Maggie asks Amelia if she can stay at her place.

Lucas, Simone, and Mika all show up at Meredith’s empty house. They were all told they could stay there if they oversee the repairs after the fire. They’re all getting the home and camaraderie they’ve always wanted. When one generation moves out, another generation moves in. Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.