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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Admits To Nick That She’s Still In Love With Him

Meredith and Nick finally have a candid conversation about their feelings, and Zola suffers a panic attack during a presentation.

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The new interns of Grey’s Anatomy are trying to get accustomed to their new lives at Grey Sloan while functioning in a high-stakes environment with little to no sleep. On the way into the hospital, Jules sees Mika getting out of an old van, and Jules clearly thinks Mika’s living there.

Lucas is basically living at the hospital. Amelia finds Lucas and tells him to just come to stay at Meredith’s until he finds a place. “No special favors. We agreed,” Lucas tells Amelia.

Niko Terho
Niko Terho as Lucas. (ABC)

Nick has taken Meredith up on her offer to run the residency program, and he’s got big plans for the interns. The thing is, he’s working all alone. He’s not really working with Meredith on this, much to her dismay. Schmitt is the senior resident and shows that he’s got some Bailey in him when it comes to the interns.

Owen is back at work again, and Teddy is hovering over him. She’s hounding him over if someone is watching over him at all times so he doesn’t lose his license completely. Mika is assigned to Owen for the day, and she walks right in on them fighting. She begs Schmitt to be reassigned, but he refuses to help her out.

A young patient named Chase, played by Modern Family alum Nolan Gould, is admitted with his friend after eating some bad food. It seems like an open-and-shut case of food poisoning, but it’s anything but. Chase has a rash on his chest that continues to get worse as the day goes by. Even Meredith can’t figure out what’s wrong with this kid. It’s evolved into septic shock within hours. Meredith and Richard tell Simone and Jules to hit the books before it’s too late.

Turns out, Taryn has given up her medical career for the time being in favor of being a bartender. Schmitt claims that Meredith wants her back, but Taryn doesn’t believe him. He begs her to come back to the hospital. She puts on a good show and says she’s happier bartending. But do we really believe her?

Richard checks in on Teddy, and it’s pretty clear that she’s nearing her breaking point with the whole Owen situation. She’s had to juggle a lot over the last several months, and Teddy needs a break.

Amelia tracks down Lucas and shows him some available apartments in the city. He tells her that she’s hovering and that he doesn’t want the other interns to know that they’re related.

James T. Pickens
James T. Pickens as Richard Webber. (ABC)

Jo and Bailey are hanging out more outside the hospital with the kiddos. Bailey begins asking about what’s going on at the hospital. Jo gets frustrated because she thought Bailey just wanted to be her mom friend, but she’s just using her for information about the hospital. Bailey misses Grey Sloan, and it’s getting harder for her to hide it.

Meredith and Nick cross paths at the hospital, and their conversation is a bit awkward, to say the least. Even Nick says that Meredith is “acting a little weird.” Before the convo can really get anywhere, Meredith is pulled away for an update about Chase. Link tells her and Jules that Chase’s leg has to go because it turns gangrene. Link has Jules do the amputation.

In the middle of the surgery, Simone figures out what’s wrong with Chase by talking with his roommate. Chase has meningococcus, which is common in college dorms, and wasn’t vaccinated against it as a child.

Richard gets Owen’s side of the story when he has to supervise. “I was miserable, Richard,” Owen admits about sitting around the past 6 months. He did everything he could to distract himself. During his rant, he says that Teddy’s the one who said they should run, and he listened to her because he loves her. Now they’re broke and having problems. Richard suggests some physical space for both of them.

After Chase’s surgery, Meredith tells Simone to comfort Jules. She says it’s “too early to go numb.” Simone listens to Meredith and brings Jules to the gift shop.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC)

Meredith and Nick finally have a conversation about their feelings. “Why does it seem like you’re mad at me?” Nick asks Meredith. Just as they’re about to get into the nitty-gritty, Owen shows up. He can’t work for Teddy anymore. He pleads with Nick and Meredith to work under Nick for 6 months and teach.

After Owen leaves, Nick says he doesn’t have time for all this back and forth. Meredith admits that she’s still in love with Nick, and she’ll say it as many times as he needs for him to believe it. That’s really all Nick needed to hear. She asks him to accompany her to Zola’s presentation.

In trying to avoid revealing that he’s related to Amelia, Lucas now has to deal with the fact that Blue believes he’s sleeping with Amelia. Honesty is truly the best policy here.

At Zola’s presentation, Zola gets nervous while speaking on stage. Meredith knows something’s wrong. Zola begins to have a panic attack and believes that her mother and aunt are going to die from Alzheimer’s just like her grandmother. Meredith rushes up to the stage to comfort Zola in the final moments of the episode.