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‘Daisy Jones & The Six’s Sebastian Chacon Reveals A Tour Is A ‘Big Possibility’: ‘I’m Ready’ (Exclusive)

The coolest member of The Six is undoubtedly Warren Rojas. Ahead of the 'Daisy Jones & The Six' finale, Sebastian Chacon opens up about Warren's loyalty, his love for Daisy's 'crazy energy,' and a tour.

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Sebastian Chacon
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Warren Rojas has only ever been looking for a good time. The drummer of The Six has been in the front row of the roller coaster that’s been the band’s ascension over the course of Daisy Jones & The Six. Sebastian Chacon plays Warren to perfection, with all the swagger, style, and chill vibes bottled into one person. In the midst of the band’s building drama, Warren has managed to stay out of the fray. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Sebastian about all Daisy Jones & The Six and whether or not Warren is Team Billy or Team Daisy.

Sebastian Chacon
Sam Claflin, Sebastian Chacon, and Riley Keough as Billy, Warren, and Daisy. (Prime Video)

“Obviously, Warren has known Billy his whole life. We’ve been together for so long. I think that Warren is a loyal person, but Warren really clearly loves Daisy,” Sebastian said. “From the outset, Daisy puts him in his place. He kind of likes that. He likes the kind of crazy energy that she has. Even when things are not great with her and Billy and everything, it’s still fun for Warren. It’s still entertaining. Even when things get really intense and really complicated, Warren is still enjoying it. I think Warren would enjoy it regardless of what the situation looked like. If we weren’t successful and we played in a garage, Warren would still be like, ‘This is great. This is as good as it could possibly be.’ So the only time it really starts to dawn on him that things are messed up is when the band really seems like it’s falling apart.”

Warren witnesses a lot from his seat behind the drums. From the crackling chemistry between Billy and Daisy to Eddie’s countless complaints, Warren has been privy to so much over the years. However, one thing he doesn’t see coming is Graham and Karen’s secret relationship.

“We kind of talked about this with Scott [Neustadter] and James Ponsoldt, the director of the first 5 episodes. We had conversations about how much Warren really sees,” the actor told HollywoodLife. “In episode 2, when Billy is really drunk, we talked about how maybe it was me who called Teddy and said, ‘Hey, he has a problem.’ Because he really cares about the other members of the band. I think in this case, he definitely did not know. I think he thinks of Graham in a similar way that Karen does in the show when the girl that he’s seeing says like, ‘Oh, he’s sexy as hell.’ And she’s like, ‘Really?’ Graham doesn’t seem like that guy.”

While Warren didn’t catch on to Graham and Karen, he has always been well aware of Eddie’s pining for Camilla. “I think that’s something that was always obvious,” Sebastian said. “Eddie loves to suffer I think. He loves it. I remember Josh [Whitehouse] on set playing that role. He was like, ‘What can I find in this scene to be annoyed by or to be hurt by or displeased by?’ Sometimes it would be his bass cable isn’t working. He’s messing around with something, but no matter what it is, he’s irritated by something. I think him continuing to be so into Camilla is just another sort of self-flagellatory thing that he just wants to suffer through.”

Sebastian Chacon
Sebastian Chacon as Warren Rojas. (Prime Video)

Warren is the first person to watch Billy go at Daisy’s no-good husband Nicky when tensions finally boil over. When Graham tries to break up the fight initially, Warren stops him. “I love that moment,” Sebastian recalled. “I remember I wanted to have the biggest burger and just be eating it as it was happening. Between takes, I had to spit it out because there was too much of a mouthful. He doesn’t just punch him. He choke-slams him into a table. And I’m like, ‘Let them work this out, please. Let’s watch. See what happens.’ I think that Nicky is the opposite of Warren. I think the first time I see him, Eddie and I are like, ‘Who the f**k is this guy?’ He has the loafers on and some ascot. Like, get real. Also because I liked Daisy and I kind of recognized her as being this free-spirited individual. I think that Warren can immediately tell that he is not a good dude.”

Daisy Jones & The Six has become a pop culture phenomenon. Everyone — and we mean everyone — is talking about the show. In addition to the Prime Video adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel, the cast created a gorgeous album that encompasses the heart of the series and book: the music. Since the release of Aurora, which has made quite a statement on the music charts, Daisy Jones & The Six fans want to know: will there be a real-life tour?

“I don’t want to spill any beans that I’m not supposed to spill, but we have been talking about it,” Sebastian told HollywoodLife. “It’s one of the questions whenever we have a conversation anywhere, and considering that we did actually play all the music, that’s definitely a big possibility. I think that there have been many conversations about it. I think that was actually part of the conversation at the very beginning. When I first saw this role, they had the possibility of, hey, maybe we’re going to do a tour. There’s the potential for this or that. I’m like, okay, whatever. But, I mean, we played the songs hundreds and hundreds of times. I could play today if need be, so I’m ready for that.”

He noted, “It’s interesting because, in the show, we not only created an album, but we also have a slew of original music. We have all the Dunne Brothers music, we have the music that we played when we were kids, and we have the music that someone stole from Daisy. Everything is real, even if it’s in the show for just a moment. I think that really speaks to the amount of care that was given to the show.”

The show has taken some liberties in adapting the beloved book for TV. In the book, Warren’s last name is Rhodes. In the show, it’s Rojas, which was Sebastian’s idea. “I wanted to make sure that by casting me you don’t erase the fact that I happened to be a Latin member of an all-white American rock band in the 70s, which didn’t happen ever,” he said. “I did a lot of research about it, and there were no examples of that really. The New York Dolls had a Colombian drummer in the ’80s and Slayer had a Cuban drummer. That was it. I wanted that to be not necessarily the highlight of the character, but to be present. Rojas is a name in my family. I thought it sounded a lot like Rhodes. And also, just with the way that I play, I use the timbale sticks, which were used by salsa musicians at the time. I have little things that if you really want to pay attention, it becomes a part of the character. But I didn’t have to have a scene where I’m talking to my mom on the phone in Spanish or some sh*t. It can be what it is.”

Sebastian Chacon
Sebastian Chacon performing in ‘Daisy Jones & The Six.’ (Prime Video)

Throughout the series, Warren’s style always stays consistently Warren. While Billy’s decked out in all denim, all the time, Warren goes from casual to vests with nothing underneath. If you’ve caught a glimpse of Sebastian during the Daisy Jones press tour, Sebastian also has his own signature style.

“I think a lot of the way that I dress influenced Warren,” the actor pointed out. “I usually wear rings on every finger. They were like, ‘Let’s do that for Warren.’ I wear a lot of necklaces, so Warren has the necklaces as a shirt kind of thing going on. I’m really grateful to Denise Wingate, the costume designer. She really gave me all of the crazy stuff that she had. I put a vest on, and we had a shirt underneath. I’m like, ‘Why do I have a shirt on? What if he just goes bare chest?’ That was a terrible decision because I cover all my tattoos every day for the next 6 months.” The final 2 episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six will be available on March 24.