‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman Posts Rare Selfies With Her Eldest Daughters: I Can’t Believe They ‘Approved’

Nadya Suleman took selfies with her look-a-like daughters Amerah, 20, and Calyssa, 16, and revealed that they typically 'don't allow' her to post pictures of them.

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Nadya Suleman
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Nadya Suleman, 47, is the proud mom of the iconic octuplets, but don’t forget that she also has six other children, including two daughters. Nadya posted rare photos of her two eldest daughters — Amerah, 20, and Calyssa, 16 — on Instagram March 19, and it was remarkable to see how much both girls resemble their mom. Nadya took two separate selfies, one with Amerah, and one with Calyssa, and revealed why she rarely posts them on her social media. “Most of my older children don’t allow me to post them, so its rare they approved of these pictures! ❤️,” Nadya wrote.

Amerah is Nadya’s eldest daughter. She has one older sibling, Elijah, 21, who is the eldest of all 14 of Nadya’s children. Nadya’s other children, not including the octuplets, include Joshua, 19, Aidan, 17, and Calyssa’s fraternal twin brother Caleb, 16. Nadya had all 14 of her children through IVF, which she initially denied.

Of course, Nadya’s octuplets are the reason why she became famous. The octuplets — Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah, and Makai turned 18 in January, and Nadya celebrated with a rare photo of the large brood hanging out.

Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman (Photo: Mediapunch/Shutterstock )

“You are some of the most loving, thoughtful, conscientious, and humble human beings I have ever known,” Nadya wrote in a message to her octuplets. “The struggles we’ve endured over the years, have strengthened our connections to one another,” she continued. “By facing new challenges in the years to come, I hope we will continue to grow as a family. I am blessed beyond measure to be your mother. I love you.”

In March 2019, Nadya revealed that all eight children came from one sperm donor, putting to rest the rumors that there was more than one donor, as the kids have distinct and different features from one another. “The donor was a frozen German and Nicaraguan mix,” Nadya wrote on Instagram at the time. “My side is even more mixed and diverse. Contrary to my Casper complexion lol, I am not Caucasian/White. I am half Arab/Palestinian, half Afro/Palestinian (Libyan, North African). In addition, my mother’s side was Lithuanian and a fourth Jewish.”

Nadya went on to say, “As a consequence of the heightened level of hate and controversy octomom had already created, I felt afraid to share all of our ethnic backgrounds. It took me years to love and accept my race/ethnic backgrounds. I teach my children the value of self-love and to unconditionally love all human beings.”