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Diplo Reveals He’s Received Oral Sex From A Man As He Admits: ‘I’m Not Not Gay’

The Grammy-winning DJ said he does not wish to define his sexuality, but confirmed he has definitely had sexual relations with men in the past.

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Diplo, the DJ behind some of pop music’s biggest hits, has revealed that he is “not not gay”, but does not want to label his sexuality in a new interview with Emily Ratajkowski for her March 14 High Low podcast episode. “I don’t want to define, like, that I’m gay. I think the best answer I have is I’m not not gay,”  the artist, 44, told the model, 31, when she prompted him to speak about his love life after allegedly telling her the night before that he is “a little gay”. He added, “There’s a couple guys I would be like … ‘I could date this guy’ … life partner-wise. I’m not really aroused by men that much that I know about.”

The Grammy winner, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, then admitted he’s “100 [percent]” certain he has “gotten a blow job from a guy before.” When asked if he has a specific memory of receiving oral sex from a male, though, he declined to offer one. “I’ve gotten a lot of blow jobs, but I don’t know,” he replied. “I mean, getting a blow job is not that gay, I think.”

Diplo revealed he is not attracted to a person based on their gender on the March 14, 2023 episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast (Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

Diplo went on to say he is “more of a vibe guy” rather than being focused on what gender someone is and commented on how “the temperature of our culture has changed” with men being more “fluid.” He noted, “[When I was young], you had gay kids at school and gay cousins or whatever, but it was different than it is now. I thought it was, like, weird to be gay.”

Diplo once hinted that he may not be straight when he had a scary plane incident that left his private jet’s window cracked. Preparing for the worst, he shared two pictures from the plane on Instagram with a lengthy caption to his fans. “Dear Colombus and Minneapolis, my jet window just cracked open and the pilots are wearing masks so not sure ill make my shows tonight but they left the wifi on so I’m just going to sit in the back and smoke toad venom and Vlog,” he began alongside a photo of the cracked window. “I just bought this cool vest in Dallas at a thrift store ….. Also i never told you this but I might by gay…”

After he landed, he added an update to his post. “Update : we landed and no one died I still might be gay,” he noted, “but I’m definitely not going to tye die anymore jets..”

Emily once spoke about dating women during the Dec. 22 episode of High Low, during which she spoke about joining a dating app for the first time. She noted that she was excited to have received some messages from potential lady lovers on the app, but had all-around low hopes. “It’s very white and feels like a very particular man and very particular type of woman, so I don’t think I’m gonna meet my lady crush on here,” she said.