Tom Brady Reveals Whether He’s Coming Out Of Retirement Again Amid New Rumors

Tom Brady reacted to speculation from NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen a month after he announced his retirement from the NFL.

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Tom Brady, 45, has denied rumors that he’s coming out of retirement and returning to the NFL as a professional football player. The athlete, who announced his retirement last month, took to Twitter to react to the speculation, which was brought on by NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen revealing he heard he may return to play, during his show on Monday. “Anyone who thinks I have time to come back to the NFL has never adopted a 2 month old kitten for their daughter,” Tom lightheartedly wrote, referring to his 10-year-old daughter Vivian, in a tweet on Tuesday.

Tom’s tweet comes after Rich said the “number one rumor” he’s heard at the NFL Combine is Tom coming out of retirement. “Number one rumor I heard at the [NFL] Combine? Not in terms of chatter, but this one just blew my mind: Tom Brady may not be done after all,” Rich said on his show.

Tom Brady
Tom announced his retirement last month. (John Raoux/AP/Shutterstock)

“A couple people were just like, ‘Hang on, just you wait.’ And I’m like, ‘He’s Instagramming out [pictures] of his cat, you know?,'” he continued. “But it doesn’t look like he’s getting big and fat, does it? Let it play out. Let’s see who wants what.”

Rich also pointed out that “folks are saying keep an eye out” for the Miami Dolphins as a new team for Tom since the team’s current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa missed several games during the 2022 season due to concussions he got on the field. “If somehow, some way, a doctor’s report [is published], a medical evaluation of Tua that he may not be ready to go, suddenly there’s Tom Brady sitting in Florida where his family is located and where he can easily locate himself,” Rich said.

Tom Brady
Tom at an event. (Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock)

In addition to Tom’s denial of a return, Miami Dolphins General manager Chris Grier and coach Mike McDaniel confirmed that Tua would be their starting quarterback for the upcoming season at the Combine, per ESPN. “It’s important to recognize that we have a congruence of interest by the Dolphins and the player,” Mike told ESPN. “That both parties really want him to play at a very high level for a long time for the Miami Dolphins.”