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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Link Loses A High-Profile Patient & Simone Gets A Blast From The Past

Link's surgery with a professional football player ends in tragedy while Simone and Lucas' burgeoning relationship comes to a screeching halt.

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Meredith may be in Boston, but her presence (and voiceover) is still felt in Seattle. The new interns are living in her house. Together, they’re working on fixing it up and making it their home. They’re also figuring out the bedroom situation.

Jo makes Link a hearty breakfast before he heads in for the day. Link is doing surgery on a Seattle Seahawks standout. He’s trying to not let his nerves get the best of him.

Chris Carmack
Link with his patient before surgery. (ABC)

Teddy is starting to doubt wanting to be chief of surgery. Richard really wants her to take the gig. “The hospital needs this,” he says. Teddy has until 6 p.m. to make a decision. Later, Teddy comes back to Richard with terms of her own. Bailey encourages Teddy to own her worth. Richard is taken aback by Teddy’s requests and needs some time to think about them.

When Teddy comes to see them, Richard plays hardball. He tells her that he’ll just take the job himself. It’s not about “the money” for him. Teddy falls for his tricks and says they can lose the stipend. During their negotiations, Amelia walks in. She wants to put her name in for consideration.

Maggie shows Amelia a video of Zola learning to play the cello. Things get awkward in the elevator when Winston steps in. Amelia, and likely everyone else, notices that something is off. Maggie says she and Winston are at a ceasefire and not speaking at the moment.

Simone is assigned to the football player case with Blue. The athlete, Jermaine, is worried about the surgery. He just wants to be able to play ball again.

Camilla Luddington
Camilla Luddington as Jo. (ABC)

Jules is assigned to a woman pregnant with her third child. She’s been spotting for a few days, so Jules does an examination. Jules notices the woman seems overwhelmed. The woman admits that this child wasn’t planned. She loves her kids, but she’s experienced severe post-partum depression with each pregnancy.

Jo wishes Link good luck with Jermaine’s surgery. After successfully repairing Jermaine’s knee, Link gets a round of applause from the gallery. Jo looks at Link with such pride. Jules rushes into the gallery and tells Jo about her patient. The woman decides she wants to terminate her pregnancy. She wants to stay alive for her kids. Jo and Jules are incredibly supportive during the surgical abortion.

In post-op, Jermaine begins to code. There’s a clot in his heart, so he has to undergo an emergency embolectomy. Winston finds the clot, but Jermaine begins to code again. Despite all their exhaustive efforts, Jermaine dies on the table.

Richard eventually gives in to most of Teddy’s demands after Amelia starts making requests. Teddy is officially chief of surgery. Amelia tells Teddy that she was sent in by Bailey to help her out.

Simone is the one who agreed to make the gut-wrenching call to Jermaine’s mother. She asks Blue to do the call with her. When Simone’s emotions get the best of her, Blue takes over and breaks the terrible news.

Maggie goes to Winston and tells him how sorry she is about what happened with Jermaine. She brings up paperwork, which annoys Winston. “You bury yourself in the work to avoid your feelings,” he says. She replies, “Says the guy who is switching specialties to avoid his wife.” These two are still not on the same page. Could a split be on the horizon?

Alexis Floyd
Lucas and Simone in season 19 episode 8. (ABC)

Teddy encounters her first crisis as chief of surgery on her very first day. She’s bombarded by the press about Jermaine’s death. Meanwhile, Link is being hard on himself for what happened. Jo is there to comfort him. They almost kiss, but they pull back. She cradles him in her arms as they try to process this tragedy.

After a long day, Simone and Lucas share a steamy kiss in the elevator. When they get back to the house to continue their sexy time, Simone gets a blast from the past. A man named Trey is there waiting for her, and he’s brought her flowers. He tells her that he should have come to her a long time ago. Looks like Simone has a boyfriend, and things just got very complicated between her and Lucas.