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‘The Masked Singer’s Polar Bear Revealed As Hip-Hop Legend: The Show Was A ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’ (Exclusive)

A music legend was unmasked and revealed as the Polar Bear during 'The Masked Singer's celebration of all things New York.

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Grandmaster Flash
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One of the founding fathers of hip-hop graced The Masked Singer stage during New York Night on March 1. Grandmaster Flash was revealed as the Polar Bear. The rap icon spoke EXCLUSIVELY about his decision to tackle The Masked Singer. “In a world where there’s a war going on in Ukraine and Russia, innocent children dying for no reason, the weather is weird, the economy is not great, this Masked Singer thing for me was sort of like a breath of fresh air,” he told HollywoodLife.

Grandmaster Flash
Grandmaster Flash was revealed as the Polar Bear. (CJ Rivera/Everett Collection)

Grandmaster Flash admitted that he doesn’t watch TV often because he’s always on the go, but his friends and family encouraged him to watch The Masked Singer. After taking a look at the show, he realized that “to do this show you have to be able to turn off your adult. If you’re chosen to be in one of those outfits, you have to be an individual that knows how to turn off your adult.”

The famous DJ revealed that the kid taught him that “it’s okay to just be a kid now and then. That show took me away from the war and all that is happening in the world today. It was just a lesson to just remember… it’s okay to just be a kid because every now and then I do it. It’s great therapy for me.”

Grandmaster Flash went out of his comfort zone and performed “Rapture” by Blondie on The Masked Singer. He pointed out that performing rap songs were off the table. “They wanted me to totally stay away from rap songs,” he said. “That would have been too easy to guess. So it was decided that I would a song horribly and sing a song the best I can. It was pretty cool. It was a song written for me by Blondie.”

Grandmaster Flash
Grandmaster Flash as the Polar Bear. (FOX)

From the time he filmed the show until now, Grandmaster Flash had to keep his Masked Singer appearance a secret. “I couldn’t tell anybody. Actually, what I did was bury myself in work, and I forgot I even did it. It was such an exciting adventure. I was so tempted to tell people but I couldn’t,” he said. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.