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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Why ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 ‘Feels Like The Earlier Seasons’ (Exclusive)

Plus, LVP sounds off on Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney's split, as well as the former's surprise hookup with Raquel Leviss in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Lisa Vanderpump is excited for Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, and she says you all should be, too. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife at the Season 10 premiere party for the Bravo series on Feb. 7, LVP said this new season — which premieres later tonight — will feel “more like the earlier seasons”. Not only will a lot of the cast members be single again, but some are even back to living in apartments after buying and selling their “McMansions”.

Following Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney‘s divorce, as well as James Kennedy and Raquel Levisssplit, which left Lisa “saddened”, fans will see more emotionally-charged episodes. “There’s a lot of emotions in this season, and I think the fans will love it,” Lisa told us at SUR on Tuesday evening. “And I think it’s very, very different from last season. Last season felt a little distant to me and a little stiff. I think we were kind of basically encumbered by the Covid restrictions and the fluidity of being apart, and it was very different. And this season, I think you’re going to feel it’s more like the earlier seasons.”

James starts the season with a new live-in girlfriend, while Katie and Raquel are keeping things casual. And Tom Schwartz is just focused on getting the doors open at Schwartz & Sandy’s, but later this season, as the trailer shows, Tom and Raquel will end up tongue wrestling, and that was something a lot of the cast never saw coming. “[The cast will be] divided,” Lisa told us. “I think when you see [the hookup], you’ll [at first] think, okay, why shouldn’t he? Why shouldn’t she? They’re both single. Raquel made her decision [about James]. Katie had basically said [goodbye] to Tom and he maybe needed comforting or whatever, but [some won’t be so into it]. And I understood Katie’s rules of like, no, no, no, no, [you can’t date] anybody we know. So [the cast will] be a little divided.”

Obviously, the show has never wavered in providing viewers with great entertainment, but Lisa says the show’s success comes down to one simple factor — “authentic friendships”. She explained, “I knew we had some kind of unique magic [from the beginning]. And after doing [The Real] Housewives, I also knew the value of having authentic friendships because then the stakes are so much higher. So I knew there was some kind of magic dust that would be sprinkled on [this show]. I was given a chance to do a spinoff about anything, and I thought, I want to make the sexiest naughtiest funniest show. But I also wanted it to be about people that cared about each other rather than, oh, let’s get this one here and this one here — that wouldn’t work on this show. This show is about people that knew each other 10 years before we started rolling the cameras.”

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