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Donna Kelce Reveals Which Son She’ll Talk To On The Field 1st After Super Bowl Regardless Of Outcome

Donna Kelce, the mother of NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce, appeared on her sons' podcast and revealed where her loyalties will lie at the 2023 Super Bowl.

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Donna Kelce has already declared that she’s rooting for both her sons, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 33, and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, 35, when they compete against each other in Super Bowl LVII on February 12. But Donna does have to choose which son she’s going to embrace on the field first after the game is over. “I will be on the field for you, Travis,” Donna revealed to her sons on the Feb. 6 episode of their podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. Jason will have his family on the field so no I won’t be on the field for Jason,” she also said.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce (Photo: AP/Shutterstock)

Jason’s already confirmed that his pregnant wife Kylie Kelce, their two daughters, and Kylie’s parents will be at the game, so it makes sense Donna would support Travis first. But naturally Jason poked fun at his mom and claimed that she’s rooting for his little brother in the game. “I didn’t say that!” Donna hilariously clarified.

Donna told both her Ohio-born sons that she’ll be “screaming” the entire Super Bowl, and that she wants the Feb. 12 game to be “the highest scoring Super Bowl ever in the history of Super Bowls.” Donna also said that it’s going to be “pure joy” to watch Jason and Travis both compete in the Super Bowl.

“This one is just going to be pure joy, pure fun. You’re both in there, how could it get any better than this?” she said to the NFL siblings. “It’s going to be the best day ever. Except for when you were born, both of you guys were born. It can’t get any better,” she also said.

Donna has already showed how prepared she is for Travis and Jason’s upcoming showdown in the Super Bowl. She appeared on Today Feb. 1 and showed off the custom-made NFL jersey that is comprised of both her sons’ jerseys. In the interview, Donna pointed out that this game can be all fun for the family, since both boys already have Super Bowl wins under their belt. Travis won in 2020 against the San Francisco 49ers, and Jason won in 2018 against the New England Patriots.

Travis and Jason are making history as the first brothers to face off in the championship game. The whole country — including Donna — is going to be on the edge of their seat as everyone witnesses one brother come out on top over the other.