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Kate Middleton Bonds With Young School Kids In London In Sweet Video: Watch

The Princess of Wales had a sweet conversation with young children about their lives and the people who love them while showing the short film 'Shaping Us.'

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Kate Middleton got to know some very sweet young kids at St. John’s School during a new video, shared by the Centre for Early Childhood on Thursday, February 2. The Princess of Wales, 41, sat down with primary school-aged children and showed them the short film Shaping Us: Layla’s Story, which shows how important a child’s bond with their parents is.

Kate was very gracious to get to spend time with the kids, and she noticed that they all had stuffed animals with them and asked the children to tell her more about their toys. “Good afternoon, and thank you very much for having me at your school,” she said. “I should’ve brought my teddy with me, shouldn’t I?

Before introducing the movie, Kate asked the kids who is special to them, and explained that Shaping Us was to show “how all the grown-ups in all your lives are very important.” After showing the movie, she spoke a little bit more about the clip and what she wanted to show. “How important it is to look after you, give you love and kindness, so you can be the best you can be,” she said.

Kate had a sweet conversation with school kids in the new short video. (Tim Rooke/Shutterstock)

The kids had some adorable answers to Kate’s questions. One girl mentioned that her best friend comforts her when she’s sad, and the Princess of Wales spoke about how that’s the best friend you could have. “That is the kindest friend. We all have feelings, don’t we? Good feelings and sad feelings. If we’ve got our friends around us and our family, it makes us feel better, doesn’t it? Does it make you feel better when you talk about your feelings?” she said.

A young boy spoke about how his parents helped him learn how to swim, but he was very happy once he did, and Kate spoke about how overcoming fear was one of the best feelings. “It makes you feel a bit nervous, doesn’t it? But then, the feeling after is brilliant isn’t it? It makes you feel really proud of yourself,” she said.

Kate’s visit to the school comes weeks after her brother-in-law Prince Harry released his debut memoir Spare in January. In the book, Harry didn’t hold back in his feelings about Kate and his brother Prince William. He had even shared an alleged incident where Kate made his wife Meghan Markle cry during a tense text exchange about flower girls in the lead-up to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.