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RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Teases ‘Surprising’ Season 3 Reunion That Left Her ‘Confused’ (Exclusive)

Meredith Marks says fans will get "some resolution" during the Season 3 reunion for RHOSLC, but she also walked away from filming the special feeling "confused".

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Fans of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City need to mentally prepare themselves for the Season 3 reunion, which kicks off on Wednesday, Jan. 25, because HollywoodLife recently interviewed OG cast member Meredith Marks, and she told us that while she did an apology from her on-again/off-again friend, Lisa Barlow, during the reunion, she left from filming that day feeling “confused”. So basically, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for everyone at home.

As fans should know, Meredith and Lisa had a major falling out last season, after Lisa was caught blasting Meredith during a hot mic moment. They’ve been at odds ever since, but that didn’t surprise Meredith. During a recent episode of the Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, she said, “I’m not entirely surprised [our feud has lasted this long] because I’ve seen how Lisa holds a grudge with other people in their situations, and doesn’t really like to take accountability for what she does.”

“It took a moment — I did get an apology at the reunion — but it took a moment for her to get to a place of accountability, and it took a lot of coaching from our friends. They were like, ‘Stop saying but in every apology’,” Meredith told us before saying she’s “kind of let go” of her anger over the situation since then. But still, she said, “Not every relationship lasts forever, and [our friendship] may have run its course”.

Another topic that’ll come up at the reunion is Heather Gay‘s black eye. But don’t hold your breath for the full truth. Meredith explained, “I don’t [know what happened]. I have some clue, but I wasn’t there and I didn’t see it happen, and I didn’t do it … I think she had a lot to drink, and I think things were kind of [goofy] that night in general … And I think there was an accident.”

“I think you will [get more answers at the reunion],” she said, but quickly added, “I don’t know if you’ll have closure on it, but I think you’ll have a little more peace on it.”

Jen Shah obviously didn’t attend the reunion — she announced that around the time the cast filmed the special — and Meredith said Jen’s absence was “definitely surprising.” There will still be “some level of resolution” for fans, she said, but “confusion” as well. Consider us intrigued.

To hear what else Meredith had to say about the season and upcoming reunion/future of the show, listen to the full podcast episode above or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Want more? The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion premieres later tonight, Jan. 25, at 8pm on Bravo. Part 2 will air on Feb. 1, and Part 3 on Feb. 8.