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North West Teaches Chicago & Psalm How To Make Milkshakes In Cute New TikTok Video

North West proved she's a great big sister when she taught her younger siblings, Chicago & Pslam how to make milkshakes is an adorable new TikTok video.

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North West is such a patient and caring older sister and she proved that in her latest TikTok video. The 9-year-old taught her younger siblings – Chicago and Psalm, how to make milkshakes in a hilarious new video.


Making a milkshake🥤

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In the video, North, Chicago, and Psalm were sitting in the kitchen while they got ready to make milkshakes in clear plastic cups. North had her hair down in platinum blonde and pink long, thin braids while Chicago rocked hot pink long braids. North began the video by saying, “Ok let’s get into it,” before they went through all the steps to make what looked like a delicious milkshake.

First, they put ice in their cup then they added Cool Whip, milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and then rainbow sprinkles on top. Chicago thought it was so fun to put the sprinkles on that she started singing a song, “Rainbow sprinkles, rainbow!,” and Psalm thought it was so funny that he started to sing along too.

We couldn’t get over how well-spoken and patient North was throughout the video, however, there were definitely some hilarious points such as when North sprayed the whipped cream into Chicago’s mouth and it splashed all over her and some even got in Psalm’s eye. Another funny clip in the video was when North took out the Cool Whip container and Psalm wanted to taste it so he dipped his finger in the container and said how good it tasted.

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North is always posting fun videos on TikTok and that same day she posted a sped video of her doing a full skincare routine while dancing around her bathroom and doing dramatic faces for the camera while a Beyonce song played in the background.