Kyle & Amanda Reveal Their Future On ‘Summer House’ After 7 Seasons (Exclusive)

Ah, newlywed bliss! Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula teased their more 'relaxed' state in the upcoming season of 'Summer House!'

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Wedding planning is hard stuff, especially though a pandemic! Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula did it all in front of the cameras and fans got a good, hard look at the realities of planning a wedding through COVID-19 in season 6 of Summer House. Now, the newlyweds are settled in marital bliss and admitted they’re excited for fans to see a ‘stress free’ side of their relationship in the upcoming season 7. “In Winter House, I think people are seeing us not in wedding planning mode and having fun together and just not being in a super stressful environment. We’re actually on vacation, and then that trickles into Summer House for us,” Amanda explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

“We’re not maybe necessarily in the ‘honeymoon phase,’ but we’re definitely a lot better off than we had been for the past year or so!” she continued, while also chatting about the couple’s partnership with Caviar. “A lot of people don’t realize… everyone’s like, ‘Why don’t you just take a minute and plan the damn wedding? Stop complaining.’ It’s like, we’re filming a show! I don’t have any spare time, it’s literally consumed by filming,” Kyle added. “We definitely learned we don’t handle stress well,” the new Mrs. laughed.

Amanda Batula & Kyle Cooke. (Caviar)

“The fact that we were able to have a stress free summer and winter has just really been wonderful for our relationship,” she gushed, while Kyle said, “It really has made a world of a difference.”

As for their future on Summer House, Amanda and Kyle shared their thoughts after seven seasons on the show. “iI depends on where the show goes… If it stays true to its roots and it’s about people party in the Hamptons, I’m out. I can’t do that for the rest of my life,” Amanda admitted. “If it evolves, and it becomes more about like couples and it’s following everyone’s lives, because we have so many more relationships on the show now, then, yeah, we could stick it out.”

Kyle & Amanda on ‘Summer House.’ (Bravo)

“I just never thought we’d be here where we’re married with a company, with dogs, and at some point, we want to start a family,” Kyle explained. “And the fact that we’re still filming these things is just kind of so unpredictable, but I think where there’s a will there’s a way!”

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