Oprah Shows Off Weight Loss & Fitness On 10.2 Mile ‘Gratitude’ Hike After Knee Replacements

Just over a year after having a double knee replacement, Oprah Winfrey completed a 10.2 mile hike, which she dedicated to the late Barbara Walters.

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Image Credit: CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock

Oprah Winfrey closed out 2022 by going on a long hike with Gayle King and some other friends. She posted videos from the trek, which totaled 10.2 miles, on Instagram. The excursion came 13 months after Oprah underwent two knee replacements in Nov. 2021. “During this gratitude hike, I am also grateful for my new knees that carried me through this journey,” Oprah captioned one video. “A year ago I couldn’t walk and I finished 2022 walking 10.2 miles up a mountain. God is good.”

In the clip, Oprah can be seen at various points during her hike. While wearing a pink sweatsuit, hat and fanny pack, she expertly made the trek with the help of two walking sticks. The 68-year-old showed off her slimmed-down figure in the video, as well. “We made it to the top where the treeline is,” Oprah gushed at one point. Now it’s just the road that cuts through the trees. It’s just incredible. I cannot describe how peaceful and still it is.”

Oprah and her crew appeared to start the hike early in the day, as the sun had barely risen in their first Instagram video from the outing. “The whole idea of this hike is gratitude for the year you’ve had, the life you live, the lessons you’ve received,” Oprah explained. “It’s a gratitude and a praise hike. I’ll be doing this in the name of Barbara Walters today, who has been a great mentor and friend to me.” Barbara died on Dec. 30 at the age of 93.

At the top of the mountain, Oprah and her friends took some time to sit down and have a picnic, taking in everything they’d just done. Oprah joked about her iconic “I love bread” slogan for Weight Watchers as she showed off the loaf that the group brought up the mountain in another Instagram video. She indulged in the picnic before they made the 5 mile trek back down. “As yuo walk into this new year, take this as a reminder to put one foot in front of the other,” Oprah concluded. “One foot in front of the other. And whether you’re hiking an actual mountain or just tackling a problem, remember to look at how far you’ve come and now how far you have left to go.”