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Todd & Julie Chrisley Facing Custody Battle Over Adopted Daughter, 10, Ahead Of Prison Sentences

Chloe's custody is in limbo after her adoptive parents were sentenced to prison. Her dad is the Chrisley's eldest son Kyle.

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Julie Chrisley, Todd Chrisley
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Todd, 53, and Julie Chrisley’s custody over adopted daughter Chloe, 10, is facing multiple challenges, following their tax fraud convictions and sentencing. Both Chloe’s birth mother and her paternal grandmother are looking to take custody of the child, who has been under the sole care of the Chrisley Knows Best stars since 2016.

Julie Chrisley, Todd Chrisley
Julie and Todd Chrisley’s custody of adopted daughter Chloe, 10, is in question after they were sentenced to prison for fraud and tax evasion. (

Birth mom Angela Johnson told TMZ that she’s been fighting to get her daughter back for years, but things have been slow to progress. Angela had Chloe with the Chrisley’s son Kyle back in 2012, but lost custody in 2016 after being arrested for allegedly filing a false application for Medicaid assistance, leaving grandpa Todd with sole custody.

Things are further complicated by where everyone lives. The Chrisleys relocated from where they adopted Chloe in Georgia to Tennessee, and Angela lives in South Carolina, making it unclear what state even has oversight in the case.

Angela’s work to take back Chloe comes after the Chrisley’s daughter Savannah, 25, declared her intention to take care of Chloe, and brother Grayson, 16. She revealed the news during an emotional episode of her Unlocked podcast recorded ahead of her parents’ sentencing but released after, on Nov. 21, 2022.

Julie previously explained how she was giving Chloe as much help as possible during this difficult time for the family. She revealed that she was getting “the help of therapists” in another episode of Unlocked. In the episode, Savannah also mentioned that Chloe “had a psychologist since she was a toddler” because her parents “wanted to stay on top of her mental health and what’s in her best interest.”

Todd and Julie were sentenced for tax fraud charges in court on Monday, November 21, about 5 months after the USA Network stars were found guilty on all charges in June. Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison, while Julie, 49, was given 7 years, per TMZ. They also both received 16 months of probation each.