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Lala Kent Reveals Plans To Have 2nd Baby After Split & Insists She’ll Only Use Sperm Donors For Future Kids

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star opened up about her plans to use intrauterine insemination to try to have a second child in the summer.

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Lala Kent wants to have baby number two! The reality star, 32, opened up about wanting to have a second child during an appearance on the Scheananigans podcast with Scheana Shay on Friday, November 25. She shared that she wants to use a sperm donor after splitting up with Randall Emmett, who she shares her daughter Ocean with, explaining that she doesn’t “want another person involved.”

When Scheana asked Lala what her plans were for having a second child, she said that she may be ready to start trying to undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) in a matter of months. She explained that her preference is IUI over invitro fertilization (IVF). “I’m thinking around the summertime, I’ll start trying to get pregnant,” she said. “Because I’m pretty good to go, I could just do the insemination process.” She revealed that she’d asked about the process and found that it’s very easy. “It’s just a matter of when  I choose to do that,” she said.

While Lala sounded open to meeting someone new, she did say that she doesn’t want to have to worry about another person to co-parent with, just in case. “I don’t know what will happen, and a partner could come into my life. Because there’s such a high chance of it not working out, especially where we live, I’m not taking the chance. I’m so scarred from all of the s**t that has happened in my life; I’m doing a sperm donor. Period,” she said. “I will not even attempt to do it a different way. I don’t want another person involved.”

Lala is seen walking with her daughter Ocean. (MEGA)

The Vanderpump Rules star was romantically involved with Randall, 51, from 2015 to 2021. The pair got engaged in 2018 and welcomed their daughter Ocean, 1, in March 2021. Besides her plans for a future child, Lala also opened up about her feelings on motherhood and her hopes for Ocean in the future. “I never want my child to end up with someone like who I was with,” she said. “I also feel like I have a duty to other women, who think ‘I’m in this by myself’ to know, you are strong.”

After her relationship with Randall ended, Lala had teased that she may have been in a new relationship in an October interview on SiriusXM. She quipped that she “might be in love with someone” at the time. She did seemingly say that she had been romantically involved with model Don Lopez, but by November, she revealed that they’d split up in another SiriusXM appearance. “Don and I have had a lot of fun in the bedroom, but I posted him for a thirst trap, and then a lot of doors opened to people saying certain things, and now I’ve got to scratch him off the roster,” she said.