‘Sister Wives’ Exclusive Preview: Kody Feels Like Janelle ‘Struggles To Respect’ Him

Janelle tries to talk to Kody about the Flagstaff property, but he's still feeling 'disrespected' by her.

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Janelle Brown attempts to talk to Kody Brown about moving forward with the Flagstaff property and how the others will be involved. “Is anyone else thinking about coming soon, building soon?” Janelle asks Kody in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the November 27 episode of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown Janelle Brown
Kody and Janelle Brown in the November 27 episode. (TLC)

Kody admits that he doesn’t really talk to Meri Brown about the property. “Any time I bring it out, she just seems really wishy-washy about it,” Kody says about Meri. “I don’t know what she’s thinking, what her intentions are, but she would be the most likely to start building next. I want that. I want her to feel like she can do that, so she’ll be partnering with us on what we want to accomplish out here, especially getting it paid off.”

Janelle stresses that they have to talk to Meri and Robyn Brown about what they’re doing with the property now that there’s no Christine Brown. Meri reveals that — for now — she’s just rented a house on the property. “I didn’t want to tie up the funds for when I could eventually build out on the property,” Meri says.

Kody confesses that he’s not having the easiest time developing this property with Janelle. “There’s an element that I’m struggling with here, and we’ve just gone through this entire COVID thing where I’ve been left feeling pretty disrespected,” Kody says. “I’m not going to break my back to work for you when you don’t respect me. I’m just not. Janelle needs somebody who will break their back to get this project done and that’s not me right now.”

Kody Brown
Kody Brown opens up about his feelings towards Janelle. (TLC)

He adds, “Men don’t feel love from women who don’t respect them. I feel like Janelle struggles to respect me or show me respect. Might be an unfair statement, I don’t know, maybe it’s just the way that we argue. If you don’t respect me, don’t bother with the love. It just doesn’t work in my world.” Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.