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‘Manifest’s Ty Doran & Luna Blaise: How Olive Steps Up To Help Cal After ‘Devastating’ Loss (Exclusive)

The Stone family is left shattered after the tragic death of Grace. Ty Doran and Luna Blaise talk Cal and Olive's evolving sibling dynamic, answers to big questions, and more in 'Manifest' season 4.

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Manifest season 4 begins two years after the shocking events of the season 3 finale. The Stone family is still coping with the grief of losing Grace (and in a way Eden) while dealing with a new and older Cal. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Ty Doran and Luna Blaise about the complicated family dynamics in the fourth season.

Ty Doran Luna Blaise
Ty Doran and Luna Blaise as Cal and Olive. (Netflix)

“They’re not in a great place. But for Cal, he’s dealing with a lot of overwhelming stuff,” Ty told HollywoodLife at the Manifest press junket. “He’s getting no support from his now-only parent. Luna can talk about this more, he relies on his sister in order to process these emotions. It is something that he turns to, and she’s such a leader in the family and really, really starts to help him through this. She is his rock. Any sort of coming back to real life after this devastating moment is all thanks to her.”

Luna added that fans will be filled in on what happened during the time jump. “You see everything that’s happened the past two years. You’re informed. You will be up to date. Everyone will be caught up,” the actress promised. “But that initial first episode, you really see just this manic kind of state that everyone is in. I think that now having finished the show, I can speak for me and Ty where it’s really, really beautiful where the older Cal and Olive started off to where they end is really solid, and it’s really, really beautiful.”

Ty joins the cast of the show as a series regular in season 4 after Cal was previously played by Jack Messina. He first appeared in the season 3 finale when Cal returned following his disappearance and was mysteriously 5 years old. Questions immediately arose: what happened to him? Why is he older?

Ty Doran Luna Blaise
The Stone family in season 4. (Netflix)

“I think this whole first part of season 4 that is his big arc. He is trying to figure out why this horrible thing happened,” Ty revealed. “He lost 5 and a half years of his childhood and his mother. He can see all the pieces of this mystery but can’t quite put them together and then is sort of unlocking them as we go along. I think over the course of the season we see sort of both what happened and what his experience was, and we learn sort of what happened while he was gone and why. I think by the time we reach the end of this part he has come to terms with the fact that this is his reality and what has happened. Suddenly, he can realize how it was important to all of this, this grand mystery that we are enmired in.”

In the trailer, Cal does find Flight 828’s black box. Ty admitted that this is a “huge” discovery. “We see the plane, the 828 body that they had at Eureka in season 3, disappear at the end of season 3 after that scene with Grace and everything. So a physical piece of the plane somehow ending up being separate from that actual body and still being here and being able to look into it is huge and unlocks so much,” Ty told HollywoodLife. Part 1 of Manifest season 4 will drop November 4 on Netflix.