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‘Manifest’s Luna Blaise Reveals Grace’s Baby Will Change The Show In A ‘Humungous Way’

We're already sucked back in to season 2 of 'Manifest,' and actress Luna Blaise, who plays Olive, majorly teased the massive changes to come because of the new baby!

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We were shocked over Grace Stone’s pregnancy announcement at the end of Manifest season 1, and now, just a few episodes into season 2, we’re already sure this baby is going to stir some things up! In the most recent episode, fans learned that Grace’s baby was definitely Ben’s (Josh Dallas), as she had a Calling of her own, telling her to stop before a nurse could take her blood for the paternity test. Given that Grace (Athena Karkanis) wasn’t on the plane, that could only mean that the baby belongs to Ben (phew). Luna Blaise, who plays Olive, Grace and Ben’s daughter in the NBC hit, spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview about how this baby is going to shake up the storyline.

“The baby definitely changes the show in a humongous way. It’s a massive part of this season, and a lot happens because of this baby. I can’t really say a lot on it, but you’ll have to stay tuned!” she teased. “I can say that Olive is very excited, and she’s looking forward to it. She’s nervous, but she’s looking forward to having this new life in her world. A lot happens with this baby and Olive!” What a tease! The actress also said that this season, her character gets a more involved with the drama involving the passengers of flight 828, even though she isn’t one of them.

“We got a little glimpse in the season finale of how Olive was really hands-on in cracking down the code that basically revealed the death day, and she helped figure that out. You could definitely see a huge part of Olive in Ben at that point, because that’s what Ben typically does,” Luna said. “In season two, I think a huge part of my storyline this season is finding out different things and really going on different missions and cracking down codes. She’s a lot more involved than she was last season in the Callings.”

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We absolutely can’t wait for more! Be sure to watch Manifest on Mondays at 10 PM ET on NBC!