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‘Manifest’s Matt Long Teases ‘Huge Repercussions’ & ‘Accelerated’ Romance For Zeke & Michaela

'Manifest' is back and season 2 kicked off with one epic premiere. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Matt Long about what's next for Zeke after his arrest and Zeke's relationship with Michaela.

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At the end of the Manifest season 2 premiere, Zeke is in prison after giving himself up. Before he was arrested, Zeke and Michaela shared quite the moment. “I wish I met you some other way, some other time,” Zeke told Michaela. Despite being in prison for the time being, Zeke’s story is far from over. HollywoodLife got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from Matt Long about what lies ahead.

“That story plays out over the next few episodes,” Matt told HollywoodLife at the 2020 Television Critics Association winter press tour on Jan. 11. “Michaela puts herself on the line to help Zeke. Zeke has started to realize that maybe he made a mistake and there are huge repercussions and implications from what she does and what Zeke does for Zeke, Michaela, Jared, and the precinct.”

There’s been a connection between Zeke and Michaela since day one, but their relationship is now headed towards romantic territory. The season 2 trailer features a kiss between Zeke and Michaela that we haven’t seen yet. Matt teased Zeke and Michaela’s future in season 2.

“From the beginning, they had a sort of supernatural connection,” Matt continued. “They were having callings about each other. They share the calling, they both have callings, they both had this the sort of time-lapse in their lives that Jared didn’t have. He doesn’t have those aspects of his journey. So they’ve always had this connection. You’ve seen it in some of the previews that there is some romance that happens between Michaela and Zeke and because Zeke’s clock is ticking so much faster than the passengers from the plane, it’s accelerated.” Manifest season 2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.