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Meghan Trainor Adds Some ‘Absolute Bangers’ With Her Exclusive Picks For ‘The Sound Of Halloween’

It wouldn't be Halloween without candy, and Meghan Trainor – who teamed with 'Candy Crush Saga' ahead of releasing her new album – gives her mouth-watering picks for 'The Sound Of Halloween' playlist.

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Boo! It’s Halloween! Throughout October, HollywoodLife is running The Sound Of Halloweenwhere some of your favorite fiends of music, movies, television, and pop culture pick songs that should be on your Halloween 2022 playlist. As we enjoy the last full week before Halloween, we’re doubling your joy by adding a full-size treat of TSOH. Still riding her sugar high of teaming with Candy Crush Saga, Meghan Trainor puts some sweetness into the playlist.

Meghan Trainor (Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock)

For Meghan, this year’s Halloween will be extra tasty, thanks to her partnership with Candy Crush Saga and her brand new album, Takin’ It Back. Meghan teamed with the mobile game to release her latest video, “Made You Look,” exclusively in the game. She’s also taken over, with her “Candified” version saying all the trademark Candy Crush catchphrases. “I love playing when I have a bit of downtime in the studio,” Meghan told HollywoodLife, “so I was super excited to be able to work with the game to release the “Made You Look” music video.

As for the album, which arrived on Feb. 21, Takin’ It Back showcases the full Meghan Trainor experience. “The whole album is definitely a journey,” she told HL. “You will laugh, cry, and dance. I am super vulnerable in a couple of the songs – “Superwoman” and “Remind Me,” where I talk all about the new challenges I’ve faced as a mama but also talk about how strong I have become in the process.”

Meghan also participated in The Sound of Halloween, sharing her picks for the 2022 holiday playlist, how she plans to celebrate Halloween, and what horror movie she wants to be in.

Meghan Trainor’s Halloween Playlist Songs

Fifth Harmony, “I’m In Love With A Monster”

Meghan: It’s an absolute banger, and I love those girls!

Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Because it’s a Halloween classic

Rihanna, “Disturbia”

HollywoodLife: What is your most prominent Halloween memory?

 We were members of the Boys and Girls club, and they would set up a haunted house for us, and I remember doing that! We loved it so much that we recently went to a haunted castle all together.

What do you think will be the most popular Halloween costume this year? What SHOULD be, in your mind?  

I think we will definitely see a lot of costumes from Stranger Things, which I am so excited about.

Do you have any particular October/Halloween traditions?

Decorating my house and dressing Riley up, and doing a full photoshoot with him! I design the set, dress him, and take all the photos.

If given a budget and free range to do whatever, what horror movie would you star in? You can remake any film of the past, or you can create your own.

I want to be in Smile Part 2! I just saw it, and it was my favorite scary movie ever!

What’s on tap for October for you — and the rest of the year?

I [teamed] up with Candy Crush Saga to launch the music video for my new single, “Made You Look,” exclusively within the game. For the first time ever in Candy Crush Saga, the music video will be exclusively released in-game before it’s released anywhere else.

From October 20-26, I’ll also be transformed into a “candified” character in the game. I’ll be hosting a special in-game event which players can take part in to unlock sweet in-game rewards. You’ll hear my voice taking over the iconic phrases used in the game such as “sweet”, “tasty” and more. Players will also have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the “Made You Look” music video set within the app.

My fourth full-length album, Takin’ It Back, is also available.