Content Creator Tefi Gives Her ‘Self-Love’ Tips To ‘Convince Your Brain’ That ‘You’re Worthy’ (Exclusive)

Your TikTok bestie has some kick-ass words of advice for you -- you are enough! Tefi Passoa spoke to HL about her self-love tips and how to conquer any self doubt!

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Image Credit: STARBURST

Tefi Passoa is here to remind you that you ARE a pink Starburst, which essentially means, the best ever! As we bring awareness to mental health and finding support, the TikTok star shared her mental wellness tips in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, and revealed how she celebrates herself with special ‘me moments.’ “These little mantras, like, ‘Don’t let anybody treat you like you’re not the Pink Starburst,’ It sounds so silly, but looking at yourself in the mirror and saying that and being like, ‘I am worthy,’ it does wonders,” she told HL. “These special moments, these ‘me moments’ are important. We trick our brains into thinking crazy stuff all the time. Imagine if we convinced our brains that we were worthy?”

Tefi Passoa. (Credit: STARBURST)

Tefi recalled her late grandmother telling her, at 96 years old, she was still “getting to know herself,” which was “grounding” for the creator. There’s this idea in your 20s, your 30s, your 40s, that you’re already complete,” she explained. “My grandmother gave me a bit of her self-love in that moment.”

She went on to share her go-to ‘me moment’s, like, “If you can’t think clearly when you don’t sleep enough, you also can’t feel clearly when you don’t sleep enough. The first commandment of self-love is putting your needs first.  Be sure to take care of your brain and catch some z’s.” Tefi also advised, “Your ex doesn’t exist. They are a mirage. A cartoon. Would you check an imaginary cartoon’s social media? No. So why are they in your recent search? Set the phone aside and take some (no-scrolling!) ‘me time.'”

The All Pink Un-Share Pack. (STARBURST)

One of our personal faves was having a solo dance party! “That is one of my self love tips,” she gushed. “Your downstairs neighbors will survive.” Tefi actually partnered with STARBUST to help announce the world’s first unshareable candy pack – the All Pink Un-Share Pack, which features a pack of only pink starbursts. “I always think, if I’m doing my best, I really am stepping into the Pink Starburst side of myself!” she explained. “I’m always talking about empowering yourself and tapping into self love, whatever that means, it’s different for everyone — whatever makes you feel the most yourself can be maybe not caring about self care. The idea of don’t let anybody treat you like you’re not the Pink STARBURST lets you remember who you are and remind you to take care of yourself.”