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‘RHOBH’ Reunion Recap: Garcelle Beauvais Reveals A ‘Threatening Text’ Diana Jenkins Sent Her

Plus, Kyle Richards revealed she got a breast reduction as a surprise visit from a special guest kicked off the 'RHOBH' reunion on Oct. 12.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion kicked off on Oct. 12, and the drama did not disappoint. But before the arguing commenced, Jamie Lee Curtis surprised the ladies with a visit to the set, where she revealed that because of the “impact” of the show, her appearance earlier this season led to “the single biggest [sales] day in the history” of her charity (My Hand In Yours). And because of Dorit Kemsley‘s strong reaction to the products Jamie’s charity was selling, the Halloween Ends actress decided to rebrand it as the “chicest children’s charity”. She also renamed the Dorit “Chic” Wind Chime because Dorit’s “genuine enthusiasm changed” the company. Jamie also gifted everyone pumpkins with their faces carved into them.

Then, before Jamie ducked out, Kyle Richards said she and the actress “had a lot of fun filming [Halloween Ends] in Georgia together.” She also added that it’s “not lost” on her that they have a “very rare and unique relationship” after starring in three different Halloween movies together over the course of nearly 45 years, and she’s thankful to have Jamie in her life. Jamie said she felt the same and before she made her exit, she revealed that Halloween Ends, which will feature her final face-off with Michael Myers, will be out on Oct. 14!

Once she left, Andy Cohen took a moment to say “how appalled” he is by “what’s been happening on social media” with various cast members — and their children — receiving death threats. “You can love our cast, and you can love to hate our cast if you want, but only in the spirit of entertainment. It’s a TV show, everybody — there’s no room for this kind of hate. And Bravo unequivocally condemns it,” he said, and the entire cast thanked him for making that statement. But more on that later.

First, Dorit was asked to revisit the trauma from her home invasion. Through tears, she said that there wasn’t a single aspect of her life that wasn’t touched by the incident — “I’ve had issues in my marriage, and I have a wonderful marriage. It [also] does something to your confidence as a mom. You feel depleted… it’s hard to get out of bed some days. I mean, you’re grieving the loss of who you were before it,” she said before shooting down claims that the robbery was “orchestrated” for some sort of insurance claim. “I was very very lucky [to survive],” Dorit said, and unfortunately no one has been caught yet. “It’s still an open investigation,” she revealed, but before she could say anything more, Andy yawned, making it the second time he’s appeared “bored” by her at a reunion. “Am I boring you? Are you kidding me? Again? Two years in a row?” she asked, as he profusely apologized. “I’m sorry!” he said. In the end, Dorit said she still has “really bad” days, but she’s taking it one step at a time and navigating through her trauma as best as she can.

Kyle also revealed that the person who robbed her house recently reached out to her sister-in-law and offered to return some of the stolen items for money, which Kyle said they paid without involving the police. The ladies couldn’t believe Kyle would pay that person any money, but she said she just wanted some of her stuff back.

Next, the attention turned to Crystal Kung Minkoff and her eating disorder. Crystal said she wanted to speak out about it because she wanted everyone to know that those who battle eating disorders all have a “different experience” with it. But it also led to some issues with the ladies — Erika Jayne sort of apologized for telling Crystal to throw up anything bad that she ate (she called herself a “smart ass” and said “it was the wrong thing to do”), and Dorit tried defending herself after Crystal told her it was “unacceptable” to tell the group that she vomits every day. It was information that Crystal told her in private, so when Dorit told the other ladies about it, “it felt very gossipy,” Crystal tearfully admitted. Dorit explained why she felt like it was okay to tell the group what Crystal had told her, but she also said she was “truly sorry” for hurting her by doing so.

Then, Andy asked Crystal to explain why she implied Sutton made racist comments, when what Sutton actually said wasn’t “offensive” to most of the people in the room. But Crystal said it wasn’t anything “specific” that Sutton had said — instead, it was the “overall conversation” that made her “feel a certain way”. It was the “tone of the conversation” that really irked Crystal, but a lot of the cast lashed out at her because earlier in the season she had aggressively implied that it was something specific that Sutton had said to her. And as we saw in unaired footage, it was seemingly part of a conversation in which Sutton said she loved seeing her daughter hanging out with “black girls”, a “Chinese girl and probably a red-headed Irish Catholic girl” in their jacuzzi. Still, Crystal was adamant that it was the “tone” of the conversation that made her feel the way she felt, and not anything specific that Sutton had said.

“You’re saying the complete opposite of what you said to us then,” Kyle said to Crystal before previously aired footage showed Crystal saying that things Sutton “said” were really “dark”.

“This is my experience,” Crystal said, as the ladies started insinuating that she’s a liar. “You called my experience lying,” she added, but Garcelle Beauvais stopped her from saying anything more. “No — not your experience. What you said was, ‘She said something dark.'”

“That’s how I felt,” Crystal replied, to which Garcelle said, “But it wasn’t a feeling, the way you had said it.”

“It felt like you wanted us to believe she said something racist,” Kyle added. But Crystal said that’s not what she wanted, and she said she could have mentioned it two years ago if that’s what she wanted, but Erika called it a “cop out”. Then, when Andy asked Crystal if she found Sutton’s comment about her daughter being in the pool with her friends “offensive,” Crystal said, “Yes. I found it to be a very offensive conversation, and you guys don’t have to.”

Sutton said things were “okay” and she was open to moving past it, but Lisa Rinna, Erika and Andy Cohen didn’t feel the same way. Especially after Crystal clapped back at Andy after he said he spent three episodes wondering what Sutton said only to see it was something that wasn’t truly “offensive”. Crystal told him to take it as a “learning experience”, but he said the “learning experience seems to be don’t accuse someone of saying something specifically very dark on television” — unless you can “back it up,” Erika added. In the end, Crystal said she “regretted” even bringing it up.

Then, the topic of Crystal losing 14 friends came up, and Crystal said that those friendship became fractured after she was on the show for a bit — that’s when she said she noticed a difference with the women. But Kyle interjected and said “some of those women were asked to be on the show”, and Crystal said, “Exactly,” which only confused Kyle. To Kyle, that made it seem as though the issue started before Crystal got on the show, and Crystal agreed. So then Kyle was even more “confused” — “Didn’t you just say that after I did the show, they got weird with me?”

“How is that confusing?” Crystal shouted at Kyle, who replied and said she “contradicted” herself. “I just clarified it — how is it confusing?” Crystal asked again. Kyle explained that she heard the issues started “before” Crystal joined the show, but she refused to elaborate any further. So the group then moved onto Diana Jenkins, who said she couldn’t attend the reunion in person because she was sick. But Andy didn’t hesitate to throw a little shade, when he told her that for being “very sick” she looked “pretty good”.

Anyway, during her time on camera, Diana tried clearing up a few rumors. First, she said she never ran a madam service with her infamous book. Second, she said she has no connections to Jeffrey Epstein (“I never met that man”, she said). Third, she said her constant lip-licking is the product of a “nervous tick”, and she’s “so sorry” about doing it. And finally, she said she was “mortified” about the incident with Philly Diva, who she blasted online without knowing what it truly meant to be a “black content creator”.

But what Diana had a harder time getting past was her current feud with Garcelle. Andy pointed out that some viewers believe she’s behind the bots that went after Garcelle’s 14-year-old son Jax, and Garcelle said that at one point she also thought the same thing. Garcelle went on to reveal that Diana had sent her a “threatening” text. Apparently, Diana had asked Garcelle to block her name from a hateful comment Jax shared online. A bot had said something to Jax about having a “knee on [his] neck”, and to “leave Diana alone” — Jax shared it publicly and said, “too far at this point.” Diana said it made it seem as though she was behind the bots, so she texted Garcelle, asking her to remove her name from Jax’s post. But Garcelle said that was the least of her concerns at the time. Kyle then tried defending Diana and explaining that she just wanted her name edited out of the comment, and Garcelle went nuts. “Are you f***ing kidding me?” she asked. “You want — in the middle of me trying to protect my child — I have to come and then save all of you?! This is outrageous!”

Diana explained that she was getting death threats and in her country, death threats become “actual threats”, so she doesn’t take them lightly, which is why she sent Garcelle a text, asking her to delete her name — and if she didn’t, she’d pursue legal action against Garcelle “and no Bravo contract will stop me”. She also tried saying that the threats she’s been getting from fans are far harsher than anything Jax was receiving, which blew Garcelle’s mind. “I’m not talking to her anymore,” Garcelle said before telling Diana: “Leave me alone.”

Want more drama? Part 2 of the RHOBH reunion airs next Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 8pm on Bravo.