‘RHOBH’ Recap: Sutton Stracke’s ‘Dark’ Comments To Crystal Are Finally Revealed

Sutton Stracke was pushed to a breaking point during the June 8 episode of 'RHOBH'. Plus, Lisa Rinna suffered a devastating loss.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills faced a few hardships during the June 8 episode. To start, Lisa Rinna revealed that her mom, Lois, passed away while in hospice care. Lois had previously suffered a stroke, but she had a directive that said she did not want to be resuscitated, so Lisa and her family just sat by Lois’ side during the final moments of her life. And because of the devastating loss Lisa experienced, she missed Sutton Stracke‘s store party last week, which means she also missed Sutton confronting Crystal Kung-Minkoff over the “dark” comments she allegedly made in Lake Tahoe last year.

Crystal had previously insinuated that Sutton made some pretty “dark” comments about race, but when everyone — including Sutton — asked Crystal what she allegedly said, Crystal refused to divulge anymore information. The ladies told Crystal that hinting at “dark” comments without saying what they are could be damaging to Sutton’s reputation. Especially if the “dark” comments weren’t as “dark” as Crystal made them out to be.

Anyway, Dorit Kemsley invited everyone to Mexico this week, and Diana Jenkins sweetened the trip by chartering a private jet. Unfortunately, the getaway was not enough to ease Dorit’s ongoing anxiety, following her terrifying home invasion. But Dorit was still comforted by all the ladies, including Lisa, who did attend the getaway because she said it’s what Lois would have wanted. And when everyone met up for dinner at the resort, Sutton confronted Crystal yet again. Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton both said that Crystal is potentially damaging Sutton’s reputation by not revealing what she allegedly said. Still, Crystal wouldn’t share what she claims Sutton said. So instead, Sutton told the group exactly what she said — what she thought Crystal was referring to.

Apparently, while in Lake Tahoe, Sutton had told Crystal that her daughter, Porter, recently had friends over to go in their jacuzzi. Sutton’s “white” daughter was seen hanging out with “black girls, a Chinese girl, [and] a red headed Irish Catholic girl”. Sutton told Crystal that she loved seeing it because that’s how life “should be”. Crystal thought the comment was a bit out of touch from reality, but the other ladies couldn’t believe that Crystal would say that a comment like that was “dark”.

Erika Jayne said that Crystal basically insinuated Sutton was “racist”, and Lisa told Sutton that she should be pissed at Crystal, which just angered Sutton even more, eventually leading her to a breaking point.

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