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Cardi B Claps Back After ‘L&HH’ Star Akbar V Shades Her New Remix With GloRilla

Cardi B responded to a tweet in which Akbar V seemed to doubt the success of her new remix track 'Tomorrow 2' with GloRilla, and things escalated from there.

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Image Credit: Dean Chapple/Shutterstock/Akbar V/Youtube

Cardi B, 29, didn’t hold back when Akbar V, 33, threw some shade on her new remix song with GloRilla on Sept. 25. After word across Twitter claimed the rapper’s new tune, “Tomorrow 2,” received some high numbers after its release last week, the Love & Hip Hop star seemed to doubt the alleged success through a tweet that read, “If @chardata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP.” Cardi quickly took to her own Twitter page to tweet messages seemingly responding to Akbar’s doubts.

“Count all the times chart data posted u,” she first wrote before adding another tweet that read, “I don’t really like the internet games… My dms is open and also the streets!” It continued to escalate when Akbar revealed someone allegedly gave Cardi her phone number. “Who gave this ho Cardi B my number … gotta be one of y’all weird ass hoes?” she asked in a tweet.

Cardi continued to speak her mind in additional tweets. “I don’t gotta @ I can change a bitch life just by a mention,” she wrote after it was known that she apparently directly contacted Akbar. “AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY ,I don’t do the internet!!” She went on to ask why Akbar decided to post on the internet after they supposedly texted or had a phone call. “Been subtweeting me for months and now you wanna make it about another woman as a shield,” she added. “Stand on your sh*t!!!”

Things got really heated when the two musicians started calling out each other’s ability to take care of their kids. “See the difference between me and u I had n***as wanting to put babies in me while I was in the jungle but I said to myself I won’t put my kids in the same hoodes I was raised in let alone ABANDONED THEM,” Cardi wrote in response to Akbar accusing her of “selling it to any man that ran up on u” before she became famous.

After Akbar continued to criticize her as a parent and accused her of not writing her own music, Cardi wrote more. “I’m about to do something you never do… pick my kid up from school,” she shared. “You got 20 minutes to talk your sh*t cause after that my attention go to my kids the whole day.”

As if things weren’t already dramatic enough, Cardi went on to post a clip from an alleged leaked sex tape featuring Akbar. She deleted it quickly after, but Akbar still seemed to see it and responded with concern over her kids. “Now my kids got to watch this again @iamcardib u dead wrong for uploading that porn stuff about me again u scoop so low but kool,” she posted. “U just threw me back into anxiety.”

“Unmmmm wasn’t you bragging about it when the video first came out … talkin bout you got good head ?Anyways imma respect your kids and take it down,” Cardi responded. When a fan then pointed out that Akbar previously used a screenshot from the sex tape as the cover art for her song “Leaked,” Cardi topped off the online feud with a final response and video. “WAIT A DAMN MINUTE … she lied to me?” she responded to a photo of the cover art.

In the video, which can be seen above, Cardi thanked her fans for their support of her song “Tomorrow 2” and indicated she was going to stop tweeting because she needed to pick up one of her kids to go see dance classes. She also asked her fans to, “tell me you love me,” seemingly referencing something Akbar said in the leaked sex tape.

The feud continued to go on after a short break and doesn’t seem to be settling down anytime soon. From more disses to more video responses, these two seem to keep fueling the fire between them. Let’s hope some conclusion can be made soon!