Chase Stokes Chops His Hair Off & Debuts Makeover: Before & After Photo

The 'Outer Banks' actor revealed that he got his hair cut very short, just about a week after celebrating his 30th birthday.

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Image Credit: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

New decade, new look! Chase Stokes showed off a brand new haircut to his Instagram followers on Friday, September 23. The actor’s longer curly hair is no more! He debuted the shorter cut in a mirror selfie posted to his Instagram, with the caption “30?” seeming to reference his past 30th birthday, which he celebrated on Friday, September 16.

The Outer Banks star sported a flannel, black pants, and white t-shirt, while showing off the new cut. While not a close shave, the look is significantly different from his typical, long curly hair. Despite the haircut being very different for fans, he was still very handsome, and he received a bunch of compliments on the new look. Outer Banks director Valerie Weiss wrote that he was “such a cutie with a short cut.”

Despite the many compliments on the look, there were some fans that were sad to see his locks go. “Chase what’s up with your hair,” one fan wrote. A bunch of people asked the same question! Another person shared a similar sentiment. “I’m going to miss your long hair,” they commented on the post.

Chase’s new look showed that his long locks are gone. (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

The new look showed that Chase is entering his 30s in style, and it’s a perfect makeover for a new decade. Besides his hair, the third season of Outer Banks is also gearing up for release. While the date that it hits Netflix has yet to be revealed, the show began filming in February 2022, and Chase has teased that it’ll be an amazing season.

The actor promised a lot of exciting moments in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife back in April. “Season three is going to be even more of a wild ride,” he said. “A lot of epiphanies, a lot of growth for all of these kids. They’re kind of forced to, especially with where it was left off being stuck on a deserted island. It’s gonna be a fun one, that’s for sure!”

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