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Chase Stokes Teases ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 Is A ‘Wild Ride’: It’ll Continue To Be ‘Insane

Take us back to Poguelandia! Chase Stokes told HollywoodLife that the upcoming season is 'going to be a fun one.'

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The adventures won’t be stopping for John B on Outer Banks — even though he must be getting exhausted from the constant close calls and escape plans! Chase Stokes spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview ahead of season 3, and told fans to prepare for an “insane” journey ahead! “Season three is going to be even more of a wild ride. These characters have been put through insane circumstances in the last 20 episodes, so I can I can say it’s just going to continue on that trend,” Chase teased. “A lot of epiphanies, a lot of growth for all of these kids. They’re kind of forced to, especially with where it was left off being stuck on a deserted island. It’s gonna be a fun one, that’s for sure!”

Recall, at the end of season 2, the Pogues have found themselves isolated on an island after Rafe and Ward got away with the treasure. “It’s going to be very, very interesting to see. I think that these kids have shown over and over again that they can adapt and adjust and survive in basically any circumstance. This is just another another situation that they put themselves in that’s going to start off the adventure once again,” Chase said. “I will say that they’ve probably have been having a pretty dang good time living off the grid for a minute. I mean, I know I would take this little deserted island and turn it into a home.”

Chase Stokes as John B in ‘Outer Banks.’ (Netflix)

This seems to mean that John B will continue to run into trouble on his adventures, which Chase admitted has gotten tough on his 29-year-old knees! “It would be very cool to sit on a couch and maybe not run,” he laughed. “But in the same capacity, that’s something that I do love about the show– it’s set in a younger world, where these kids are running around all the time. And it is a lot of fun to shoot.”

He continued, “We have incredible stunt doubles and whether I’m doing it or any of the other cast members are doing it, or it’s our stunt doubles, we just all have a blast putting this thing together. Part of me is like, I get home from working and need to just lay on my floor, but that’s the validation you get from a good, hard work day.”

Chase Stokes. (Tequila Don Julio Primavera)

Something else Chase enjoys after a long, hard work day is a sip of the limited-edition Tequila Don Julio Primavera. Perfect to sip while capturing life’s ‘golden moments,’ like rooftop drinks with friends under cotton candy skies or a spontaneous beach picnic at sunset, Tequila Don Julio Primavera is one of Chase’s go-to spirits.

“It’s all about finding those specific moments that come in life that are just things that you’re never going to forget. Those times, whether it’s with your friends, just sitting on the beach, and having the best conversation over a couple of drinks, or a spontaneous moment, running to a party with friends and it being in a night that you’ll never forget. That was the theme for what it this campaign was, and it just it came out to be an immaculate thing,” Chase gushed.