‘Outer Banks’ Carlacia Grant Reveals Season 3 Will ‘Bring Everything Together’: ‘It Will All Make Sense’

Calling all Pogues! We've got an update on 'Outer Banks' season 3, courtesy of Carlacia Grant!

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Image Credit: Netflix

Outer Banks season 2 left us wanting… needing more! Fans were left wondering if John B.’s dad is actually alive, how the Pogues plan to survive on a deserted island, and if they will ever get the gold and Cross from Ward and Rafe. In the final episodes of season 2, the connection between John B.’s dad, who dedicated his life to the search for the Royal Merchant, and the fight over the Cross of Santo Domingo were revealed. Now, OBX star Carlacia Grant, who plays new Pogue Cleo, revealed to HollywoodLife that “it’s all going to make sense” in season 3.

“There’s going to be a lot of things that maybe haven’t been explained, that are going to be explained,” she told HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I feel like with season three, we’re really tying in those two seasons and everything that has been teased. It’s really bringing everything together.” The Aerie ambassador advised fans to maybe re-watch season one and season two of Outer Banks to “refresh” their memories before season 3 premieres.

Carlacia Grant as Cleo in ‘Outer Banks.’ (Netflix)

Carlacia did admit that the OBX cast group chat “went crazy” after receiving the first few episodes of the new season. “The group texts were going off! It’s unexpected for real!” she gushed. “The twists and turns that are going to happen, it’s so unexpected.”

As for her character, Carlacia said that fans can expect to see Cleo “evolve,” as she adapts to her newfound Pogue life. “For me, playing Cleo is second nature at this point. What’s fun is that we’re all really friends, behind the scenes, and it’s the best thing to literally work with your friends, and hang out and mess around,” she explained.

Carlacia Grant for Aerie. (Courtesy of Aerie / World Red Eye)

The actress spoke to HollywoodLife in partnership with Aerie, as she helped ring in the brand’s Spring ‘22 initiatives, which aim to make social media a safe and happy place that cultivates an always-positive social scroll! “For me, the thing I really appreciate about Aerie is that it’s all about inclusion and making people who maybe don’t always feel represented with other brands, feel represented in this space,” Carlacia told HL. “You don’t have to worry about the pressures of the outside world. Here at Aerie, who you are is welcome.”

She opened up about it taking “a little bit of time to really get comfortable in [her] own skin,” but through “talking and connecting with people” she found that everyone is “human” and “that’s the beauty of it.” “Aerie really pushes that forward,” Carlacia added.