David Beckham Laughs At Wife Victoria As She Almost Throws Up Riding A Roller Coaster With Him

It took a not-so-wild ride and a laughing David Beckham for Victoria Beckham to show that under her 'posh' polish is a woman scared to death of roller coasters.

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“So, we’re here in Aspen,” Victoria Beckham said at the start of the TikTok she posted on Aug. 28. In the video, Victoria, 48, sat in front of her husband, David Beckham, as they rode on an amusement park ride. “David, what are we doing?” she asked her husband, to which David, 47, said, “You tell me. We’re going on a roller coaster.” The former Posh Spice said she was “so scared” of roller coasters, and she proved it in the video. As the two-person car zips around the track, Victoria screams – “OH MY GOD. STOP. NO-NO-NO! I FEEL SICK” – while trying to keep her lunch down. ‘


Trying to overcome my greatest fear 😧 I am literally terrified of anything that even resembles a rollercoaster!! Get the feeling @davidbeckham is really enjoying this ride!

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“OH MY GOD. SLOW DOWN!” the fashion icon screams. David seems to have the time of his life, especially when he sees his wife’s distress. “Are you crying?” he asked his wife. “It’s not funny!” Victoria says, hiding her tears behind a pair of fashionable shades and a black hat. Victoria said she was “trying to overcome my greatest fear” with this ride, and while she didn’t seem that successful, she’s glad someone had a good time. “Get the feeling @davidbeckham is really enjoying this ride!”

“Bless,” wrote Lady Gaga in the comments. “You are my spirit animal, literally me on a roller coaster. I gave up. I now watch from the sidelines,” added another fan. “I knew it would be a kiddy roller-coaster when I saw you both kept your caps on. The car does faster than that,” noted one fan. “It’s David’s look of enjoyment that cracks me up,” said another.

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This roller coaster ride comes a few months after Victoria dropped the prim and pristine aura she’s known for to return to her girl-group days, thanks to a bit of Karaoke. David captured his wife busting out a rendition of the Spice Girls’ “Stop” during a sing-along sesh, and David was happy to share it with the world. “Karaoke night with the one and only Posh Spice,” wrote the soccer icon. “Only for you David!” she wrote. It wasn’t the Spice Girls reunion that many were hoping for, but fans were happy to see that Victoria wasn’t completely removed from her Posh Spice days.

Victoria revealed that while “singing and dancing was fun for” her, it wasn’t her passion. “I know you are still reinventing yourself, taking on new challenges, and ignoring the naysayers,” she wrote to her future self in 2021. “You always look beyond the conventional wisdom to pave your own path. First, you found this passion in fashion, and most recently, beauty. What comes next? I’m dying to know.” Obviously, it’s not roller coasters or any fast-moving theme park attraction.

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