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Curve Model Hayley Hasselhoff Reveals Her ‘New Health Journey’ & Secret To ‘Self Acceptance’

Curve model & mental health advocate Hayley Hasselhoff has started on a new wellness journey. At the same time, she's remaining confident in her body and driven in her goals.

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Image Credit: Luke Wooden

Hayley Hasselhoff is showing us all that you can love your body while still working hard to achieve health and wellness goals! The curve model, who recently stunned on the runway at Miami Swim Week, spoke to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview about her new health venture with Plenity, a FDA-approved weight management prescription. “I’m really trying to always preach that our body doesn’t define us, that we define it and our size doesn’t dictate our worth or happiness. It’s so important for us to intuitively tap into our self acceptance and self discovery and I think that’s what’s led me to Plenity,” Hayley explained to HL. “What I loved about Plenity is that it has helped me feel more satisfied with smaller portions and through that having more smaller meals throughout my day, it’s allowed me to be more mindful about how I’m nourishing my body, especially when I’m on the go and when I’m traveling.”

Hayley continued, “I’m just igniting this new health journey and wellness journey, and I’m really excited to speak about it to my audience because I feel like we should be loving our bodies and we should also be having the conversation around loving our body while we’re trying to achieve new health or wellness goals.”

The first ‘curve’ model to pose in Playboy admitted she isn’t using Plenity for a “specific weight goal,” but to have an “added tool around mindfulness.” “It really is more so around, how am I nourishing my body? And what does that relationship look like?” She explained. “One of the things that Plenity offers as an addition is their intro coaching and with that, I’ve really been able to tap into my relationship with emotionally-charged eating habits, as well as my day to day meal prep. I think I haven’t necessarily taken the time to do that in the past because my schedule has been so busy.”

Hayley Hasselhoff. (Luke Wooden)

Hayley, 29, also opened up about her thoughts on the current modeling industry and the positive directions in size inclusivity and diversity it has taken over the last few years. “I just did Miami Swim Week, which was one of the most size inclusive and diverse runway shows with Cupshe, and it was just such an eye opening and beautiful experience to be able to celebrate women!” she gushed. “There’s doesn’t need to be necessarily a stamp in which you should feel comfortable or confident in your size to be in somewhere. We should be loving our bodies in the now and not depriving ourselves of life experiences because of our size.”

Hayley Hasselhoff. (Luke Wooden)

Hayley, who was 14 when she started her modeling career, said that the industry has evolved “leaps and bounds” since that time. “Media wasn’t really taking ahold of having curved women on this big of a platform. Now, to see that it is, I feel like it allows people to see that there is so much strength in taking ownership of who you are and that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.”