Brandi Glanville ‘Not Sorry’ For Lashing Out At Teenage Son’s Ex In A Rage

Brandi allegedly DM'd her son's ex girlfriend, writing, 'You don't wanna f**k with my crazy.'

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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

It may come as no surprise the author of Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders got into a little hot water for some alleged DMs written under the influence of “smoking and drinking”. Brandi Glanville, who penned the memoir in 2014, took to Twitter on Wednesday, August 17 to say she wasn’t going to apologize, appearing to reference her DM’ing her son’s ex-girlfriend in a rage. “NOT SORRY!!!,” the former RHOBH star tweeted. “Mama Bear to the end that is all I’m going to say on the subject happy Wednesday.”

The response comes after TikTok user Bella Bernhardt — who reportedly dated Brandi’s son Mason, 19 — shared screenshots of alleged DMs Brandi sent to Bella, which basically told the young girl to keep away from Brandi’s brood. “Stop f—ing with [redacted]!!! I’m not f—ing joking leave him alone and let him heal and stay in your own f—ing room,” the screenshots read. “You don’t get to have your f—ing cake and eat it too you think you’re crazy??? you don’t wanna f— with my crazy.”

Bella then shared her lengthy reply, which denied any wrongdoing, saying she and her ex boyfriend are going through the breakup as carefully as possible. “But me breaking up with [redacted] does not make me a bad nor malicious person,” Bella added. “I’m not crazy, I’m a very sane person actually so please don’t call me something I’m not. However, you dming your son’s 18 year old ex girlfriend, and threatening her, is. It is also wildly inappropriate, please do not reach out to me like this again.”

Brandi Glanville wasn’t sorry for messaging her son’s ex girlfriend.(Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Her last shared screenshots allegedly from Brandi has the reality star apologizing about her previous rant. “I am so sorry I was so emotional yesterday and then I shouldn’t of been smoking and drinking at the same time,” read the messages. “And I just hated seeing [redacted] so sad I don’t even know what I wrote and I’m not gonna look I don’t know how to look anyway I’m so sorry please forgive me.”

Bella then revealed she has since blocked Brandi on Instagram. Ouch. Rest assured, HollywoodLife will keep you posted on any updates to Brandi’s most recent social media scandal!

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