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‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Claps Back At Garcelle Beauvais Over Drinking Jab – It’s ‘My Life’

'Erika, I don't have to make you look bad. You can do that on your own,' Garcelle Beauvais shockingly said during a heated conversation on the August 17 episode of 'RHOBH'.

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Erika Jayne was at the center of a lot of the drama — once again — during the August 17 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During a beauty event hosted by Lisa Rinna, the group started talking about what Erika meant by calling Sutton Stracke a “liability”. And that’s when Erika said she sees Sutton as a “hindrance” that blocks Garcelle Beauvais from getting closer to everyone else in the group. But before much else could be said about that, Erika turned the attention to some comments Garcelle had made about her drinking habits.

Erika said Garcelle “tried to push” a narrative that she has a “drinking problem,” but Garcelle said she was only worried because “there were so many instances” where it appeared to be a possibility. “Excuse me,” Erika said. “You know exactly what I’ve been going through and I told you straight up what happened. But you tried to push that false narrative that I had a problem.”

Garcelle, however, defended herself by saying, “No, no, no. What I did, Erika, is that I said you need to figure out your medicine and drink ratio. That’s what I said.”

Then, after Erika said she found a balance between the two, she asked Garcelle, “Are you trying to get over or are you trying to helpful?”

“That’s how I felt,” Garcelle responded. “And when I had drinks with you, I said I was worried about you.” But Erika told Garcelle she “would be the last one to know” if she really had a drinking problem. Erika then wondered why Garcelle was really going to each and everyone of her friends and talking about her drinking habits.

“Is that to make Erika look bad or is that out of genuine concern?” Erika asked, and Garcelle responded “Erika, I don’t have to make you look bad. You can do that on your own.” Erika then clapped back and said, “And you can make yourself look like a liar right now.”

Erika said that Garcelle seemed to have an “ulterior motive” while discussing the singer’s drinking habits with their co-stars. But Garcelle said that whether or not Erika has a drinking problem “doesn’t change my life in any way, good or bad.”

“And it shouldn’t, or anybody else’s. And it’s my life to destroy or build,” Erika said, to which Garcelle replied, “Then destroy it.”

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