‘Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers Responds To Engagement Rumors After ‘WWHL’ Debut

'Southern Charm's Olivia Flowers spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about that ring she was wearing on 'WWHL' and where she stands with Austen Kroll at the moment.

Olivia Flowers is the newest member of the Southern Charm crew, and she’s already made quite the splash. Olivia recently made her first appearance on Watch What Happens Live! with co-star Kathryn Dennis, and engagement rumors started swirling after Olivia wore a flashy ring on that finger.

Olivia Flowers
Olivia Flowers on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ (Bravo)

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Olivia about the rumors and if there’s any truth to them. For the record, Olivia is not engaged. “No. No, no, no,” Olivia said when asked if she was engaged.

“That’s my bad because that was just a beautiful ring I got to wear for the day,” Olivia explained. “And if I could go back, I’d switch fingers. But I was so nervous at the time. I didn’t even think about it. When I saw engagement, I was like, ‘What did I say to give that away?’ And then sure enough, I saw the ring. I was like, ‘Oh, fair enough.’”

While there’s no wedding on the way, Olivia and Austen Kroll’s relationship is doing well. “We’re in a great place now. We had an incredible summer of travel together, and we really just got to get to know each other when cameras left and that made things easier. We’re in a good place,” Olivia revealed.

Throughout the first half of season 8, there’s been some major tension between Austen and ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy. Olivia admitted that witnessing Austen’s varying reactions to Madison was “very inconsistent and confusing” for her. She did point out that “exes typically don’t have to be around each other and interact with one another once they break up. I could tell that they were still trying to figure that out and navigate that.”

Olivia and Austen are going strong, but Southern Charm stars Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose have split. Olivia revealed how Taylor is doing post-breakup. “She’s figuring it out as she goes,” Olivia told HollywoodLife. “A breakup in itself is difficult, but to do it with the public involved that I think has been tricky. But she’s really taken the space and she spent a lot of time with her family, which was good. She’s going to be in New York this week with Naomie [Olindo]. I think she’s making the best of it.”

Olivia Flowers
Olivia Flowers is a new cast member on ‘Southern Charm.’ (Bravo)

In a recent episode, Olivia and Venita Aspen cleared the air after Venita’s birthday drama. “It was super necessary. We obviously were having a disconnect at all the other parties that we were meeting up that, so I think it was crucial that we just had that time without background noise for she and I to hash it out and really figure out what the issue was. It was good. I got to apologize to her, and she apologized to me. We’re in a better place because of it,” Olivia said.

As for whether or not Olivia would want to return for season 9, the reality star is all-in. “Oh, absolutely. I had a blast with it. I’m not jaded yet,” she told HollywoodLife. Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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