‘Little People, Big World’ Finale Preview: Chris Finds A Sweet Way To ‘Connect’ With Jackson

While Chris hasn't had much experience with kids, he finds a way to have fun with Tori and Zach's son Jackson when he comes to visit in this EXCLUSIVE 'Little People, Big World' finale preview.

Zach and Tori Roloff bring Jackson and Lilah over to visit Amy Roloff and Chris Manek at their house in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 19 episode of Little People, Big World. “I’ve been trying to find a way to connect with Jackson. He’s just such a good kid,” Chris says.

Little People big World
Amy and Chris in the July 19 episode. (TLC)

Chris admits that he hasn’t had much experience with kids. “I don’t know how to really relate to small kids that can’t really even speak or communicate their thoughts,” he continues. “I’m trying to find some way to connect with him in a fun sort of way.”

Chris decides to get a fish tank and a frog for Jackson. “We got this little guy for you that you can keep here,” Chris tells Jackson.

“It was really nice of Chris to get the frogs for Jackson to name,” Zach says. “He’s totally okay with the grandkids and my mom being a grandma and their house becoming the grandkids’ house.”

Jackson decides to name the frog Jet, which gets a laugh out of both Zach and Tori. All the frogs that Zach, Tori, and Jackson catch at their house are named Jet. They don’t keep the frogs, so now Chris and Amy’s frog can be definitively named Jet.

Jackson is growing up before our eyes. He’ll be starting kindergarten soon! “He’s so ready for it, though. He’s so close to reading, and he is constantly asking us to read with him. I think that it’ll be great with Lilah being at home while he’s at school. We can really focus on her,” Tori told HollywoodLife.

Chris shows Jackson the fish tank and frog he got him. (TLC)

Zach and Tori also welcomed their third child, Josiah, in April 2022. Tori gushed that Jackson and Lilah are “so obsessed” with their big brother and “want to help” all the time. The Little People, Big World finale airs Tuesday, July 19, at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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