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Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling Having A Blast Filming ‘Barbie’ Film: It’s Going to Be ‘Epic’

The actors playing Barbie and Ken have been great co-stars, having a great time working on the upcoming movie, inspired by the classic doll.

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Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have been having a ball on the new Barbie movie! The two actors have gotten fans excited for the upcoming film based on the doll, and a source close to the production has revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Margot, 32, and Ryan, 41, have had a ton of fun working together on Barbie. They revealed that working on such an exciting project has made working on it a breeze! “The days go by so fast because they’re working morning to night but they’re having so much fun while doing it,” the source said. “It’s going to be epic.”

The co-stars have been having a blast as Barbie and Ken. (Splashnews)

The insider explained that the movie’s been a dream for the Wolf of Wall Street actress. “It’s obvious to everybody working on this movie that Margot and Ryan are having an absolute blast on set while filming. Margot always chooses films she’s passionate about but this is totally different from anything she’s ever done,” they began. “Working on this film felt very nostalgic for Margot because who hasn’t played with Barbies as a little girl plus being able to wear all the iconic outfits was a dream.”

Not only has living the childhood dream of being in the same universe as Barbie been a dream for Margot, but Ryan, and the whole team has been great. “It’s one of the most fun films she’s ever worked on and she couldn’t imagine a better costar than Ryan. He keeps her laughing all day and they have amazing chemistry,” the source explained. “Margot had to work her birthday week but it was so sweet because she was surprised when the cast and crew got her a giant Barbie cake to celebrate her birthday while working.”

The pair have shown off a wide variety of different looks for the movie. (Splashnews)

Another source close to Margot revealed that she and her husband Tom Ackerley (who’s co-producing) have also gotten friendly with Ryan and his longtime partner Eva Mendes, explaining that the cast and team have been having “dinner parties” together. “The cast has gotten to be a little family,” the insider told HL. “Their work days are long so the fact that they want to get together to socialize on days off just goes to show what a great time they’re all having together on this project.”

Seeing Margot and Ryan on-set, it’s clear the pair are having a blast! The production photos showed that the movie is going to be an amazing take on the classic Barbie toys, and the two absolutely nailed the outfits that Barbie and Ken wore. Margot also seemed to have fun planning out a scene where Barbie punches a touchy passerby.