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‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’ Recap: Pumpkin Seeks Sole Custody Of Alana

Pumpkin talked to a lawyer about getting sole custody of her sister, Alana, during the July 8 episode of 'Mama June: Road To Redemption'.

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A lot went down during the July 8 episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption. Following the discovery that Mama June had moved down the street from Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, Jessica and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, the older girls confronted their mom about her erratic behavior. Not only did they think it was embarrassing that she had to move into a double-wide trailer after selling her big house so she could afford crack cocaine, but they said her new boyfriend looks a lot like her ex, Sugar Bear. Especially since he’s also missing his teeth.

And what they thought was really funny was the fact that June said Alana could now live with her. Pumpkin told June that that wouldn’t be happening because she’s “her mama now”. And she’s the one that’s been raising Alana throughout June’s addiction struggles.

Once Pumpkin and Jessica got back to their house, they told Josh and Alana what had happened. And Alana told Pumpkin that she never wants to live with June, so Pumpkin and Josh decided to seek sole custody of her. But since their prior agreement was only a temporary one, they talked to a lawyer about making it a permanent situation. The only hangup? They’d have to get June to sign over her rights to Alana. And while they thought that might be pretty easy, the lawyer warned Pumpkin that situations like that often get pretty ugly. So when June invited the girls to go to Las Vegas with her, Pumpkin thought it’d be the perfect place to ambush her with the news.

Alana couldn’t go to Vegas because she had finals, and Josh stayed home to watch her and the kids he shares with Pumpkin. So that meant that Pumpkin and Jessica were the only ones to go to Vegas with June. And she tried making their trip pretty special — she got a limousine to take them to their hotel, she bought them drinks on the strip and even had them pose with strippers for some sexy photos. But Pumpkin wasn’t there to have fun — the only thing on her mind was getting June to sign the legal papers so she could get sole custody of Alana. June just didn’t know it.

While Pumpkin didn’t get around to giving June the papers in this week’s episode, we know that Pumpkin got custody of Alana in June 2022.

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