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The Game Reveals Whether He’s Dating Christa B. Allen After They Kiss In TikTok Video: Watch

The rapper revealed how their surprising TikTok video featuring him kissing the '13 Going On 30' star came to be in a new interview.

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New couple alert? Not quite! The Game and Christa B. Allen surprised fans when the rapper popped up in the actress’s TikTok video, giving her a kiss on Tuesday, July 5. While fans started wondering if The Game, 42, and Christa, 30, were an item, the rapper (whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor) revealed that the video was just for fun in a new interview with People.


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The video features Christa lying on a couch, lip-syncing to audio that says “What’s up you guys? I absolutely can’t take it anymore.” The caption for the first part reads, “When you just broke up BUT.” The video then cuts to The Game with his arm around her, and the pair have a quick smooch. The audio then says, “What’s up y’all? It’s me. Ya m********kin’ hot girl called.” The caption also says, “You just broke up,” with a smirking emoji.

Fans immediately chimed in to wonder if the actress and rapper had gotten together. “Jenna Rink & THE GAME. i missed a chapter,” one fan wrote. Media personality Mia Khalifa also commented to show her support. “I ship this so hard,” she wrote. Christa did respond to one fan who had asked for more context. “I’m a single woman doing single woman things,” she wrote.

While the clip was super cute, The Game did shut down the rumors with his interview. He revealed that it was a spur-of-the-moment clip during some Fourth of July festivities. “Christa and I have mutual friends — she attended my Fourth of July party and I hopped on her TikTok,” he told People. “She’s a beautiful woman, but we’re not dating.”

Despite kissing in her new TikTok, The Game and Christa B. Allen aren’t dating! (Tim Umphrey/AP/David Buchan/Shutterstock)

The Game also revealed that he’s currently seeing someone else, and he has seemed to have shared a few romantic photos of his current girlfriend on his Instagram, including a blurry shot of him and a woman holding hands, as they walked along the coast.