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‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Review: Chris Hemsworth Is Marvelous In Thor’s Latest Epic Adventure

Thor finds his way in a post-'Endgame' world and reunites with his former love Jane Foster in the delightful 'Thor: Love & Thunder.' Taika Waititi continues to show his vision of Thor is one of the best aspects of the MCU.

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Thor: Love & Thunder will be one of the most entertaining experiences you’ll have at the movies all year. Thor’s journey continues in the superhero’s latest MCU film, directed once again by Taika Waititi. In the wake of what went down in Endgame, Thor is trying to figure out who he wants to be in this next chapter of his life.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman as Thor and Jane. (Marvel Studios)

While he says his superhero days are behind him, that hiatus doesn’t last long. When Gorr the God Butcher goes on a mission to kill all the gods, Thor has to throw himself back into the action. He’s joined by Valkyrie and Mighty Thor, who also happens to be his ex-love Jane Foster.

Jane and Thor finally find their groove as a pairing. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman’s chemistry has never been better, and we finally learn what happened to their relationship between Thor: The Dark World and now. Jane’s new role as Mighty Thor adds an interesting layer to her relationship with Thor. Thor’s never resentful of Jane’s powers, which is incredibly refreshing.

There’s also a hilarious love triangle of sorts between the rebuilt Mjolnir, Thor, and Stormbreaker. Only Chris Hemsworth could have such believable chemistry with a weapon.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. (Marvel Studios)

After nearly a decade playing Batman, it’s evident that Christian Bale relished playing a villain, especially one in a Taika Waititi movie. His MCU debut is a memorable one. Only an actor of Christian’s caliber could make a villain of Gorr’s level empathetic at times. The reasoning behind his warpath is explained early on. His mission is clear, and whether or not you agree with him, it’s easy to understand why he’s gone down this particular road. Christian balances the rage, trauma, and desperation that fuels Gorr like the Oscar winner he is.

Thor: Love & Thunder is Chris’ eighth Marvel movie. Taika took the directing reins with the Thor movies with Thor: Ragnarok, and the character has never been better. Taika understands Thor and works seamlessly with Chris to give us a superhero who is larger than life in more ways than one. Thor can dazzle us in battle scenes, make us crack up in the next, and then bring us to tears. It’s a testament to Taika’s direction, the writing, and Chris’ terrific performance.

Honestly, after Thor: The Dark World, Jane Foster could have easily been written out of the MCU completely. The stakes are high for Jane as she battles Stage 4 cancer in Thor: Love & Thunder. Both Jane and Thor have to come to terms with the fate that lies ahead for both of them, which brings an element of heartbreaking poignancy to the film. Jane gets plenty of epic moments and a friendship with Valkyrie, played perfectly by Tessa Thompson. (Seriously, when is Valkyrie going to get her own movie?)

Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. (Marvel Studios)

Thor: Love & Thunder ends on a hopeful note, with the doors wide open as to what’s next for Thor and his crew. While the road ahead remains unclear for the superhero, he shouldn’t lose the groove he’s found in his last two standalone movies.

This new and reinvented Thor is a revitalizing shift for the character. No matter what, Thor’s trajectory in the MCU going forward will be entertaining, hilarious, and unexpected. Bring it on. Thor: Love & Thunder will be released on July 8,