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‘Stranger Things’ Finale: A Fan-Favorite Dies In A Devastating Sacrifice

In the midst of the battle against Vecna in the 'Stranger Things' finale, one character tragically lost their life. The scene will go down as one of the most devastating scenes in 'Stranger Things' history. SPOILERS!

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The Hawkins crew decides to take up arms against Vecna once and for all before he kills one more person in the final 2 episodes of Stranger Things season 4. Vecna’s clock chimes 4 times, and he’s just one kill away from completing his plan of infiltrating the real world in a more destructive way than ever before.

Eddie and Dustin team up together for a key component of the Phase 3 plan in taking down Vecna. In order to distract the Demobats away from Steve, Nancy, and Robin as they attempt to get into the Upside Down Creel House, Eddie gets his rock star moment in the Upside Down.

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson. (Netflix)

“Chrissy, this is for you,” Eddie says before jamming out on his guitar to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” Nancy, Robin, and Steve are able to move into the Upside Down Creel House as Eddie plays on. “Most metal ever!” Dustin yells at Eddie after they get back inside Eddie’s trailer.

Suddenly, the Demobats get through a vent in the trailer’s roof. Eddie uses his trash can shield to close the vent. Unfortunately, there’s another vent in the trailer. Dustin manages to climb out of the Upside Down and is just waiting on Eddie to join him.

Eddie begins to climb up but stops himself. He decides to sacrifice himself for his friends and Hawkins. He cuts the rope and stays behind, all while Dustin is begging Eddie to stop. Dustin doesn’t leave Eddie in the Upside Down. He climbs back through, injuring his leg in the process. When Dustin gets outside, he sees Eddie in the middle of a swarm of Demobats. The Demobats attack Eddie.

When Vecna is seemingly taken down, the Demobats die. Dustin rushes to Eddie’s side, and Eddie is gravely injured. “You’re gonna be fine,” Dustin says as he holds Eddie in his arms. “I didn’t run away this time, right?” Eddie says, echoing his earlier confession that he always runs in the face of danger.

“You didn’t run,” Dustin says through tears. Eddie tells Dustin that he’s going to have to “look after those little sheep” for him. Dustin doesn’t want Eddie to think like that. Eddie makes Dustin promise to look after his friends. Earlier, Eddie made Dustin promise to “never change.” He wants to make sure his protege listened to him.

“‘Cause I’m actually gonna graduate. I think it’s my year, Henderson. I think it’s finally my year,” Eddie says to Dustin. “I love you, man.” Dustin replies through tears, “I love you, too.” Eddie sheds one last tear and dies in Dustin’s arms. Dustin sobs as his hero takes his last breath. (Joseph Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo are superb in this scene.)

Hawkins is nearly destroyed by Vecna’s 4 gates to the Upside Down expanding and meeting at the center of the town. The news is calling it an “earthquake.” A relief center is established and Dustin finds Eddie’s uncle putting up a missing person poster for Eddie. The news and the Hawkins townspeople still think Eddie is responsible for the earlier murders. However, Eddie is now presumed dead after the “earthquake.”

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo as Eddie and Dustin. (Netflix)

Dustin goes up to Eddie’s uncle and says, “I was with him. I was with him when the earthquake hit.” Dustin tears up and hands Eddie’s uncle his beloved friend’s guitar pick necklace.

“I wish everyone had gotten to know him,” Dustin continues. “Really know him. Because they would have loved him. They would have loved him. Even in the end, he never stopped being Eddie. Despite everything. I never even saw him get mad. He could’ve run. He could’ve saved himself. But he fought. He fought and died to protect this town. This town that… hated him. He isn’t just innocent… Mr. Munson, he’s a hero.”

You got that right, Dustin. Rest in peace, Eddie Munson. Your legacy will live on.