Camille Kostek Gushes ‘It Will Be Nice’ To Have Rob Gronkowski ‘On Her Sidelines’ After Retirement

It's now Rob Gronkowski's turn to watch his GF Camille Kostek in action, now that he has announced his retirement from the NFL!

Multi-hyphenate star Camille Kostek is not slowing down anytime soon, and now her boyfriend, Rob Gronkowski, will get to be along for the ride! Since announcing his official retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, Rob has apparently been enjoying his time as Camille’s plus one, and that’s something the SI: Swim model is definitely looking forward to having more of. “He knows that I’m not slowing up anytime soon. He literally says to me, ‘I can’t wait to just go on your free trips!'” she laughed while chatting with HollywoodLife, exclusively, on IG Live.

Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski. (Shutterstock)

Camille recalled several weeks ago when she was shooting for her swimsuit line in St. Lucia, Gronk joined her and was “living the life.” “We stayed in this beautiful villa, and he just slept in, got room service, was chillin’ on the beach, waving to me from afar while I had my photoshoot,” the Dancing With Myself host recalled. “He’s looking forward to just following me around on all my travels and jobs, which is nice. I’ve been in the football stands for a while, so it’s nice to have him on my sidelines.”

Camille shared that she and the former tight end, who have been together for almost seven years, have some relaxing self-care go-tos they do on their “off days” they have helped them be better partners to each other through the years. “We’re going to sound like an old couple… but we really love taking our shoes off and going barefoot and walking in a nature trail. I’m really into grounding… we like to draw salt baths for one another, we like to go get massages — and I’m not talking like the little tickly-like massage — we do deep tissue, lymphatic drainage,” she explained. “I believe the more that you pour into yourself, the more chemistry just opens up, like an energetic flow between the two of you.”

Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski. (Shutterstock)

She continued, “I feel like we’ve kept our relationship so hot and spicy and fresh and new, because we’re constantly motivated by one another and traveling around the world. That allows us to miss one another and be excited for each other’s accomplishments and also, being there for each other when you’re down. We communicate a lot.”

As she’s currently hosting and dancing in NBC’s hit new dance competition Dancing With Myself, Camille touched on her “bucket list” dream to compete on Dancing With The Stars one day — maybe even with Rob as a fellow competitor! “That’s something I’d love for him to, as well. I love when people who don’t grow up with a dance background see it’s so athletic. You have to train. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” she said.

Currently, you can catch Camille, alongside judges Liza Koshy, Nick Jonas and Shakira on Dancing With Myself, Mondays at 10 PM ET on NBC!

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