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Britney Spears Granted 3-Year Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband Jason Alexander

Britney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander's bail was increased to $100,000 after he trespassed onto her property on her wedding day to Sam Asghari.

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Britney Spears‘ jilted ex-husband Jason Alexander, 40, was arraigned in court on June 13 on charges that include felony stalking, stemming from the June 9 incident where he had filmed himself trespassing onto Britney’s property just prior to her wedding to Sam Asghari, 28. And now, HollywoodLife has learned from Britney’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, that the emergency restraining order that was put into place following Jason’s arrest by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department has been extended to 3 years. Jason, who was infamously married to Britney for 55 hours following a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas in 2004, cannot come anywhere near the singer until at least 2025. In addition, Ventura County Sheriff’s bail schedule confirmed that Jason’s bail, which was previously set at $22,500 has been increased to $100,000.

Jason pled not guilty in the Ventura County courthouse on June 13. Among the charges that Jason was facing were three misdemeanors and two felony charges. The misdemeanors, which were all from the wedding-crashing incident, included battery, refusing to leave private property, and vandalism. The judge, however, also added a felony stalking charge to his list of charges, which could land him in jail for up to three years. In addition, Jason is facing two felony charges in Napa Valley, Calif. One is for grand theft and the other is for embezzlement. Although he is currently detained at Ventura County Jail, he is expected to be sent to Napa Valley to face the charges surrounding his prior felony charges.

As fans know, on June 9, Jason filmed himself entering Britney’s mansion in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He streamed the entire incident on his Instagram live. The footage shows Jason entering her home, as well as the wedding tent where she was about to be married. When asked who he was, he said that he was her “first husband” and that she had invited him. After getting into a scuffle with her security, they were able to detain him until the Ventura County Sheriff arrived on the scene. HollywoodLife was the first outlet to confirm that Jason was, in fact, arrested. At the time, Ventura County Sherriff Officer Wright told us, “We responded to the property belonging to Britney Spears for a trespassing Investigation. We arrested an individual by the name of Jason Alexander, 40 years old, for a warrant that is out of state. He is at our Thousand Oaks station right now and being booked.”

Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander was married to Britney Spears in 2004 for 55 hours before the marriage was annulled. (Jim Smeal/ Shutterstock)

The following day, on June 10, Attorney Rosengart told HollywoodLife, “Jason Alexander was arrested and in custody. He is currently under an Emergency Restraining Order, and we hope is he aggressively prosecuted and convicted. I want to thank Sergeant Cyrus Zadeh, Detective Ken Michaelson, and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office for their prompt and good work and look forward to working with law enforcement on the matter. This was an outrageous breach, which I am livid about, but fortunately, Britney is completely safe and was a beautiful bride.”

Britney has yet to comment on the arrest, directly. She did, however, reference the situation on her Instagram the day after her wedding. In a post on her Instagram on June 10, Britney wrote “Wow !!! Holy holy crap !!! WE DID IT !!! WE GOT MARRIED!!! Gggggeeeeezzzzz !!! It was the most spectacular day !!! I was so nervous all morning but then at 2:00 pm it really hit me … WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! I had a panic attack and then got it together … the crew who created our home into literally a dream castle were fantastic !!! The ceremony was a dream and the party was even better!!!”