Britney Spears Meets The Weeknd & ‘Euphoria’ Director & Fans Hope For Her Return To Music

The 'Toxic' singer shared a video of herself hanging out with The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, and it got fans excited for whatever her next project could be.

Britney Spears revealed that she met with The Weeknd and Euphoria director Sam Levinson on Tuesday, May 24. The 40-year-old singer posted a now-deleted video to her Instagram of herself spending time with the singer, 32, and director, 37. It seemed like all the superstars were having a fun time together!

In the clip, Britney sproted a light pink t-shirt and a large pair of sunglasses, while she looked giddy meeting both Sam and The Weeknd. The Dawn FM singer sported a black outfit and a baseball cap, while the director rocked a hoodie and a black ballcap. “Here’s me today meeting the director of Euphoria today and The Weeknd,” she wrote along with some emojis, via Entertainment Tonight.

Other than the selfie with Sam and The Weeknd, Britney also shared a clip from Euphoria, and she wrote that it “brings [her] peace.” So it seems safe to say she’s a fan on the show! It seems incredibly fitting for Britney to hang out with the pair, as both Sam and The Weeknd are currently working on an upcoming series, appropriately called The Idol about a growing popstar, via IMDb.

Britney posted that she was hanging out with The Weeknd on her Instagram. (Mediapunch/David Buchan/Shutterstock)

Since Britney’s been released from her conservatorship, fans have been speculating whether or not she’ll start releasing new music anytime soon, and it’s definitely exciting to see the iconic star spending time with one of the biggest names in music today. After she suffered a devastating miscarriage with her fiancé Sam Asgharishe revealed that she may be considering taking a “10 year break” from making music.

Britney revealed that she didn’t want to make music while she was still in the controversial conservatorship. She explained that “Not doing music anymore is my way of saying ‘F**k you'” in a December Instagram post, after she was released from it. Even though she hasn’t released a full-length album since 2016, sources close to Britney revealed to HollywoodLife exclusively that she was hard at work on new material. “Britney has every intention on making music and performing again. She always said that she would never work as long as her dad was in control of her conservatorship. But things are different now and she’s excited to get back to what she knows and loves best,” the insider said.



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