‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith & Nick Take The Next Step & Kai Makes A Confession

Meredith and Nick said 'I love you' for the first time, while Kai and Amelia's relationship hit a major snag in the May 19 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.'

Ellen Pompeo
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Maggie is hosting a dinner party to welcome Nick into the crew. Winston knows that Maggie really wants to grill Nick. When Nick runs into Meredith at the hospital, he tells her that it’s going to take more than her sisters and kids to scare him off.

Katherine is starting chemo again, and Richard wants to be by her side every step of the way. During one of Katherine’s chemo sessions, they meet a couple expecting a baby. The patient’s wife seems to start going into labor, but it’s thankfully just Braxton Hicks.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC)

Kai Meets The Grey Sloan Family

Maggie finally gets to meet Kai at the dinner party. Kai is introduced to all the kids of the Grey Sloan doctors. Link shows up with Scout, making things a tad more awkward for Kai and Amelia.

Meanwhile, Meredith gets held up at the hospital when an Asian woman is brought in after being attacked in a hate crime. Nico joins Michelle as they rush the patient into surgery. “Do you think we’ll ever stop being seen as foreign?” Nico asks Michelle. The patient makes it through the first surgery, but her spleen ruptures and she has to go back to the OR again. She survives the surgery.

Alex Landi
Alex Landi as Nico. (ABC)

Everyone at the house has to bide their time until Meredith can get there. Wendell arrives and things quickly take a turn. Wendell admits to Winston that the people who gave him money aren’t good people. He asks Winston for some cash, and Winston becomes enraged. He’s furious that Wendell possibly put the people he loves at risk. Winston tells Wendell to leave Seattle tonight.

Owen and Kai make small talk at Meredith’s house. Kai admits that they do not want kids when Owen asks. “My career is my baby,” Kai says. Owen points out that Kai sounds like Amelia before she had Scout.

Kai Reveals They Don’t Want Kids 

Teddy talks to Link about Jo. “I miss my friend,” Link says, but he wants Amelia to be happy, even if it’s with Todd. Teddy asks Link point-blank if he has feelings for Jo. “Sometimes. Maybe. A little,” Link says. He wonders if he should tell Jo, but Teddy warns him not to unless he’s serious.

Kai and Amelia’s honeymoon phase comes to a screeching halt. Kai reveals to Amelia that they don’t want kids. They don’t want their professional and personal goals to come second. Kai tells Amelia that they are not going to change their mind. Kai doesn’t want to lead Amelia on, so that’s why they are telling her now.

After storming out of the house, Winston returns. Maggie admits that she gave Wendell the money to pay the loan back. She’s not upset or mad about it. Winston drops a bomb that he also gave Wendell the money, so he stole Maggie’s money.

Nick & Meredith Say ‘I Love You’

Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman as Nick. (ABC)

Nick and Amelia are the stragglers still waiting for Meredith. Nick wants to know if there’s anything Amelia wants to talk to him about. Amelia tells Nick that he makes Meredith happy. “I want her life to be full of love and joy. My only ask of you is just to want that, too,” Amelia says.

Nick waits up for Meredith to get back to the house. He has dinner fully prepared for her. Meredith tells Nick that she loves him, and he returns the sentiment. After a long day, she cries in his arms.

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