‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Winston’s Mysterious Brother Arrives & Jo’s New Romance Blossoms

Winston's brother makes a surprise appearance in Seattle, while Meredith talks to Zola about possibly moving the family to Minnesota during the all-new 'Grey's Anatomy.'

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Grey's Anatomy
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Maggie and Winston are preparing for one of their most intensive surgeries yet. Only 7 programs in the country do the Ross Procedure, and Grey Sloan is one of them. A young patient and her family have driven all the way across the country from Boston to have this surgery.

Owen believes he’s ready to come back to work, but Amelia refuses to clear him. Meredith calls out sick, so Bailey is down another doctor. She asks Richard to step in to help, but he doesn’t want to do any surgeries until he’s had his assessment. He stands his ground with Bailey on this. Owen sees an opportunity and offers to be the interim “chief” for the day so Bailey can be in the OR.

Maggie in the March 31 episode. (ABC)

Winston’s Brother Surprises Him

Winston gets a big surprise with his little brother, Wendell, coming to Seattle. Wendell apologizes for not coming to Winston and Maggie’s wedding. He’s now got a new job as a medical sales rep and doesn’t waste any time pitching Owen products. Winston definitely feels uneasy about having his brother in town. Winston soon discovers that Wendell used him and Maggie to get a job.

Maggie’s patient makes it to Seattle but just barely. Because of her condition, the surgery is up in the air. Maggie wants to make it work. She has to basically cut this girl’s heart in half. The pressure is on.

Winston talks with his brother, played by Rome Flynn. (ABC)

Maggie asks Winston if he can be entirely focused on the surgery. She knows something is a tad off with him. Winston opens up about his brother and their complicated past. His life almost derailed because of his father and brother. Winston promises that he’s good for the surgery. The surgery is a success!

Todd & Jo’s Connection Deepens

Todd and Jo’s flirtation is still going strong. He asks her out to dinner, but she has to refuse because she has to study for a test. Being the sweet guy that he is, Todd surprises Jo later with roses and study snacks.

Zola notices that Meredith is ignoring Hamilton and Nick’s phone calls. Meredith tells Zola about possibly moving to Minnesota. Zola doesn’t reject the idea.

Skylar Astin
Skylar Astin as Todd. (ABC)

Winston catches up with Wendell after the surgery. He admits that he still blames Wendell for their mother’s death. He’s angry about the money and energy their mother put into Wendell and their dad. However, Winston knows that his mother would be so mad if she knew that her boys had grown apart. Winston offers Wendell a place to stay if he wants to stick around Seattle.

After an incredible day of surgeries, Bailey gets some bad news from Owen. He reveals that the residency program is in jeopardy. There’s an official notification to shut it down.