‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Catherine Shares Heartbreaking News & Jo Drops The L Word

The May 12 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' delivered quite a few surprises. Not only did Jo share a secret with Link, but news from Catherine shook Richard to his core.

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Richard accidentally got stoned during the May 12 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but a startling admission by wife Catherine sobered him up pretty quickly. The episode started with Richard acting pretty aloof, but Meredith was quick to discover that he drunk a pot smoothie. So she handed all of her cases over to hunky Nick Marsh, and she kept an eye on Richard. During this babysitting session, Meredith revealed why she had to leave Seattle — it’s haunted by all the people who are no longer there (cough, Derek, cough). Even Richard agreed. “Everywhere you look,” he said, “there’s a memory of people who aren’t here anymore”. But he was referring to Ellis, not Adele.

Catherine is seen telling Richard that her cancer has ‘progressed’ on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. (ABC)

Anyway, Meredith couldn’t keep an eye on Richard all day, so Amelia gave her a bit of reprieve, and she told Richard not to reset his sobriety count. Since he didn’t intend to get high and didn’t plan on doing it again, she said he should hold onto his 10-year achievement and keep going. Richard was happy to hear that, but he still couldn’t figure out why Catherine had pot smoothies in their refrigerator.

Eventually, Catherine got called by Meredith, and when she arrived to take Richard home, she admitted that her cancer has progressed — and the pot is for her pain.

Meanwhile, Link reunited with a longtime patient Simon this week. Simon’s pregnant wife Kristen was worried that chemo might have taken a toll on him. And when Link called in Jo to consult, he wasn’t too happy that she asked him to babysit Luna when he asked her to hang out with him. Anyway, they soon learned that Simon’s cancer was progressing faster than previously thought, and Jo would have to operate. Jo asked Link to scrub in with her so they could kind of “hang out”. When they broke the news to the couple, Kristen said Simon had to live to meet their baby, so that put a lot of pressure on Link and Jo.

Sadly, while they were in the O.R., Jo realized how bad Simon was so all she could do was make him more comfortable in his final weeks of life. But she couldn’t save him. So with only a month to live — at best — Kristen asked Jo for an early C-section, but it was too soon, Jo said. Link then said that Jo is only a student and he could ask her teacher, Carina. That pissed Jo off, and they went to fight in a supply closet. He accused her of constantly using him, like she did for sex, but Jo told Link that she “fell in love” with him and that’s why she put an end to their bedroom romp sessions. She also told him that Kristen, who was only 32 weeks pregnant, wasn’t ready to deliver her baby and he seemed to finally agree.

In other news, Owen and Teddy went to therapy, where they were advised to let Leo be “gender creative” for now. And Levi had a bit of deja vu in the O.R., but Nick Marsh guided him through the surgery successfully, while helping him rewrite his story.

Finally, Maggie and Winston hit a bit of a rough patch. He got testy with a patient they were handling, and when she asked him why he was acting strange, he told her that when he was 16, his brother, Wendell, asked him to pick him and a friend up at the mall. Winston did, but he later realized (when it was too late) that he had driven a getaway car. Winston took the fall for the crime, and Wendell talked his way out of it. Now, Wendell wanted Winston to lie to Bailey about the heart monitors that don’t work. Winston said he wouldn’t do that, so Maggie didn’t need to worry, but he also admitted to the power Wendell has over him. So he asked Maggie to sleep at her sisters’ house so he could confront Wendell and send him packing.

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