‘RHOBH’ Recap: Lisa Rinna & Sutton Stracke Feud At Harry Hamlin’s Birthday Party

Harry Hamlin's 70th birthday party got spoiled during the May 18 episode of 'RHOBH', when Sutton and Lisa got into a fight over Elton John's charity event.

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This week’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picked up two days after the break-in at Dorit Kemsley‘s house. She and PK have been picking up the pieces following their traumatic home invasion, and they can’t believe how their kids don’t seem to be affected by the extra security guards at the house. Dorit also revealed that she handled her interaction with the home invaders well only because her dad helped her overcome her fear of bees as a kid. Apparently, her dad told her that if you just remain calm, a frightening being probably won’t harm you. 

Later, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s new friendship continued over cake tasting, while Lisa Rinna let Kyle Richards know that Sutton left a bad taste in her mouth when she went on WWHL and accused her and Harry of going to Elton John‘s charity event without paying for their own seats. The accusation rubbed Lisa and Harry the wrong way, so things were pretty awkward when Sutton showed up to Harry’s 70th birthday party. Especially after Harry sent Sutton a nasty text and she ignored it. 

At the party, the new housewife, Diana Jenkins, made a rich first impression on everyone. She was introduced as Lisa’s friend, and Lisa revealed that Diana used to be married to a rich banker, who PK knows. She’s a mom of three, who had her third child at 47, and she also likes to wear a lot of expensive Cartier jewelry. Kyle was fascinated by it all, and Erika Jayne begged to be introduced to her. But Diana’s glitz and glamour only distracted the group for a short while. Before long, Sutton felt she needed to apologize to Lisa for what she said on WWHL, so she took the opportunity to do so. 

Unfortunately for her, however, Lisa wasn’t too receptive of it. She appreciated that Sutton apologized for saying what she said, but she also wanted Sutton to reveal the truth. But the problem was — both of them felt their version of the story was the truth. Sutton claimed that she paid for the table that Lisa and Harry sat at, and they wouldn’t have attended if she hadn’t done that. But Lisa said they’re always invited to Elton’s charity events, and they only gave up their own tickets so they could sit at Sutton’s table, as she had asked them to. Lisa then went on to say that Sutton cancelled last minute and never paid for her table, while they were left scrambling for their own tickets again. But Sutton had a receipt showing she paid for the table and it cost $11,500. Lisa didn’t really know what to say after that, so they both called a truce and said they “adored” each other. The rest of the ladies laughed and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


In the midst of their fight, however, Sutton threatened to sue Lisa for slander, which Erika thought was hilarious. Especially given what Sutton had said about Erika last season. Sutton told Erika to shut up because she doesn’t like her, and Erika said the feeling is mutual. 

Finally, Kyle told Dorit that Sutton wasn’t very sympathetic about her break-in (and she still wasn’t this week), so we’re sure they’ll duke it out over that next week.

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