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‘The Batman’ Stars Max & Charlie Carver Reveal Which Villains They Hope Are In The Sequel

In this EXCLUSIVE interview with HL, 'The Batman' stars Max and Charlie Carver reveal if they'll be in the sequel and which villains they think Robert Pattinson should fight next.

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Charlie & Max Carver
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A sequel to Matt Reeves‘ The Batman with Robert Pattinson is officially in the works and fans have begun speculating which villains will star in the next blockbuster. Riddler and Penguin already made their debuts, played by Paul Dano and Colin Farrell, respectively, but there’s still so many other antagonists to choose from. Two people that have some thoughts on this topic are Max and Charlie Carver, who appear in The Batman as a pair of twin bodyguards at the Iceberg Lounge. “This is preferences, I’m not saying anything,” Max, 33, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY before naming the villains he’d like to see in the next film.

Max & Charlie Carver
Max & Charlie Carver at the premiere of ‘Fist Fight’ in Feb. 2017 (Photo: Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“The Court of Owls would be pretty sweet. Hush would be pretty cool,” Max told us. “I think that the Rogues Gallery in Batman is so strong. And there are so many storylines to choose from.” There’s a good chance that the Joker played by Barry Keoghan is the main villain for The Batman 2, following his brief cameo appearance. But nothing has been officially announced — yet.

Max, who has acted alongside his twin brother in projects like Teen WolfDesperate Housewives, and now The Batman, explained why he loved the crop of bad guys that fight Bruce Wayne in the new film. “I loved how grounded the sense of reality the world is. So I’m looking forward to seeing what Matt does with any other member of the Rogues Gallery to see how it becomes part of this the way that he made it.”

The Batman
Robert Pattinson in ‘The Batman’ (Photo: Jonathan Olley/Warner Bros./Everett Collection)

Coming off The Batman, Charlie, 33, believes that Robert, 36, pulled off one of the best portrayals of the iconic caped crusader in cinema. “I think he’s so great. And I can’t wait to see where this goes,” Charlie told us. “To see Batman at year two, and watch a character who is kind of operating in the world from a place of unresolved trauma, seeing the journey that Bruce Wayne goes on in this first movie sets up the second story so beautifully.”

There’s more stories to tell in this dark DC superhero universe with two upcoming sequel films and a spinoff series starring Penguin in the works on HBO Max. When asked by HL about possibly appearing in those future projects, Max admitted that he’d “love” to be part of any iteration of The Batman.

“Working with Matt at the helm, who’s so passionate and so well versed in this mythology and the kind of talent he has on board and the final product, it is the dream,” he proudly said. “It is the dream to be involved in any of this.”