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Pamela Anderson Has Never Felt ‘More Herself’ In Her Life Doing Broadway & Writing Memoir

The actress revealed how doing Broadway and working on a new memoir has given her more confidence in a new interview on 'The View.'

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Pamela Anderson is gearing up to make her Broadway debut in Chicago as well as release a memoir, and the actress revealed that she’s felt like getting ready for the theatrical run and working on her memoir have helped her feel more like herself in an interview on The View on Tuesday April 5. Pam, 54, revealed that with a sense of self-confidence she felt like “other people start[ed] believing in” her.

When View co-host Sara Haines asked the Baywatch actress for any secrets on looking amazing, like Pamela did in the promo photos for Chicago, the actress said that she took on a “persona,” but she also revealed that by doing so, it helped her learn more about herself. “You also just become something else or become more of yourself. One that really helped me lately, is I realize: I’ve always been willing to change, but now I realize: I just need to be more of me,” she said.

Pamela looked beautiful as she arrived a pink skirt for the show. (Splashnews)

When Pam first arrived at the table, the women called back to an earlier segment where they spoke about role-playing, and they asked for her opinion, and she responded that occasionally people want her to be “more Pamela Anderson” and playing a “role” as a public figure. After Pam’s response to Sara’s question, Joy Behar took note and called back to earlier in their conversation. The actress said that it’s been a great change for her. “When you believe in yourself, other people start believing in you too. It’s a cliché thing to say, but as soon as I decided I’m good enough, then all this stuff just started happening. It’s like miracle to miracle,” she said. “I’ve gone from Baywatch to Broadway.”

Speaking of her move to Broadway, Pam spoke about how she was excited and felt supported in her new role earlier in the interview. “I’ve always been really good at taking opportunity when it comes, and just grabbing it by the throat and just going for it. It’s scary and exciting, all those wonderful things,” she raved about the experience. “They want you to succeed! I feel like I’ve got all these arms around me, and I feel very embraced, very supported, very rooted for. It’s a new feeling!”

Pam spoke about how she’s been hard at work preparing for her Broadway debut on ‘The View.’ (Splashnews)

Besides her upcoming run on the Great White Way, Pam also divulged some details about an upcoming documentary about her for Netflix and a book she’s been writing. She said that she’s been working on the projects alongside her sons, who are her “biggest cheerleaders.” The memoir sounds especially exciting. “The memoirs are really therapeutic,” she said. “I think it’s very intimate. It’s not perfect. It’s imperfect, like me. It’s very honest.”