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‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Briana DeJesus Meets Up With Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Chris Lopez — Watch

'Teen Mom 2' is going to turn up the drama when Briana DeJesus meets up with Chris Lopez to discuss being on his podcast.

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Teen Mom 2 viewers can expect plenty of drama to go down on their screens and social media following Tuesday, March 15’s episode. In our EXCLUSIVE preview, Briana DeJesus meets up with Kailyn Lowry’s ex and baby daddy Chris Lopez. The bad blood between Briana and Kail is no secret so it’s almost guaranteed that the mom of four isn’t going too pleased when she watches this get-together.

At the top of the preview, Briana reveals that she and her friend Shirley traveled to Philadelphia to be guests on Chris’s podcast, P.T.S.D – Pressure Talks with Single Dads. Later that day, Chris stopped by with his friend Bread to hang out and discuss the podcast. Chris shared some of the topics they’d be talking about on the podcast including parenting, being an absent father vs an inconsistent father and co-parenting.

“What’s gonna happen now when you drop this podcast?” Briana asked, cutting to the chase. “Do you think your baby mama is gonna be upset?” Chris replied, “Yeah. It’s gonna blow up. But it’s gonna be awesome.” This is when Briana addressed the elephant in the room– her and Kail’s legal drama. “I wanna steer away from her as much as possible because I am going through a lawsuit now with her,” she explained. Chris apparently wasn’t even aware of the elephant though, replying, “I didn’t even know that.”

Briana DeJesus, Chris Lopez
Briana DeJesus meets up with Chris Lopez to discuss being on his podcast. (MTV)

That’s when the oh-so-fun topic of lawyers got brought up and Chris explained how he fought to have visitation rights with his and Kail’s kidsLux, 4, and Creed, 1. “It’s corny to me. Why can’t I chill with my kids the way that other dads get to chill with their kids?” Chris vented. There’s nothing official cemented about how often he gets to see his kids and he implied it depends on how he and Kail’s relationship is going adding, “when we good, I can see my kids whenever I want.”

Briana then asked if he felt he had to “pretend to be nice to her” in order to see his kids but he responded that there’s “no pretending” involved. “I’m just genuine. I try to be nice but… you can only handle so much,” he continued. “I know it sounds crazy but when you get to a point when you’ve been dealing with stuff for so long, I became real, real angry through all this. Angry, bitter, resentful, all that. I took myself to therapy.” Yeah, we’re sure Kail’s gonna love watching all this go down– especially after the rumors that Bri and Chris hooked up.

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